YouTube Thumbnail Ideas that will Capture Your Audience Attention

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The YouTube thumbnail feature can be the reason a viewer clicks on your video. It plays an important role in reshaping your channel with new design, context, and techniques. Good YouTube thumbnails will hook your viewers in, while good video intros will keep your viewers watching and make your video stand out from the crowd. Many things can determine a video’s success (like what the best time to post on YouTube is) but a great video maker combined with stunning YouTube thumbnail ideas, is a winning combination.

Use relevant images

Cool YouTube thumbnail design ideas help you to advertise best and it will get you the positive outcomes you are looking for. As previously mentioned, your thumbnail needs to be consistent with the video content. It should give the audience a sense of what they’ll be viewing and preferably make your brand more relatable at first glance. Using relevant and quality pictures will help you achieve that goal.

Use colour contrasting

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use an actual shot from your video as a YouTube thumbnail idea. Sometimes, a custom photo will serve your purposes better. There are also many stock photo sites where you could get a fitting image, but creating a unique visual will always be more effective.

There is a variety of contrast but here we want to consider colour contrast. The idea of colour contrast will be more clear to you with an example. Let’s say, high contrast, which means two colours are different from each other and it can be black and white. That said, low contrast, which means two colours are quite similar to each other and suppose these are red and orange.

Therefore, while choosing colours for thumbnails, try to go with complementary colours. These are opposite of each other on the colour wheel. We suggest choosing these because they can stand against each other and showing their individual identities.

It has also been observed that a thumbnail that includes yellow colour is much better than a thumbnail without it. This colour has more dominating power over others. Apart from this, a bright background is more beneficial over white colour. The most viewed YouTube videos tend to feature these traits.


It is very important to make your audience aware of your brand and content for your YouTube Thumbnail Idea. The best way to keep the audience’s interest alive is by keeping thumbnails consistent with the same font style. Furthermore, use memorable colours and a stronger design.

Don’t go with a standard font, use something unique and impressive. Giving a bold style to a title is a good choice.

Different Screen sizes

On YouTube, the ideal dimensions for a thumbnail are 1280×720. Making your thumbnail that size will ensure it displays correctly and clearly, but that’s not the only consideration.

A thumbnail could appear perfect on your PC or laptop screen. But once you see it on a mobile device or even a TV, you could find the image far less crisp. It might be very tough to design a thumbnail that will work on every display, but you can easily test it out on different devices before you upload.

Also, try to not rely on small details. Make the visual elements large and bright enough—keep in mind that many people will see your thumbnail on their phones and this limits what they can see. While some models have massive screens, they can never compare to the size of a monitor. Detailed thumbnails don’t make for good YouTube thumbnail ideas. 

Be truthful

Clickbait is very effective in getting clicks and views but with a single, crippling flaw: It will only work once.

Avoid misleading YouTube thumbnails ideas at all costs. If you don’t, your brand’s reputation will quickly take a nosedive, which can be very challenging if not impossible to recover from. In fact, click-baiting could lead your brand to a downwards spiral due to specific technical aspects.

It’s a fact that YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t favour videos with high bounce rates. This means that if enough people click on a misleading thumbnail and turn the video off soon enough, those videos will stop appearing in search results.

Always keep your thumbnails consistent with the content. Doing otherwise will undoubtedly damage your campaign and brand.

Honesty in this regard could even prove a great guideline – if your Youtube thumbnail idea isn’t enticing enough, perhaps you should reconsider the overall theme of your video.

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