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YouTube was founded way back in 2005 and has amassed a monthly active user base of 2 billion worldwide users. Considering it’s the world’s second most popular search engine, it’s safe to say YouTube demographics are relatively widespread. When considering which platforms your brand wants to activate on, it’s important to understand platform statistics and demographics to ensure your marketing and social efforts are directed in the right way. Below we have touched on some YouTube demographic statistics to offer you a well-rounded understanding of the massive impact this platform can have. 

YouTube Demographics 2022

YouTube Demographics: Platform size

YouTube is the second most-used social network in the world, trumping Instagram, TikTok and Whatsapp to the post. As of July 2021, YouTube has over 2 billion global active users and is actively used as a search engine in its own right. Following Facebook, it is the second most popular place for businesses to post video content.

YouTube Demographics: General usage

YouTube has seen consistent growth since its conception, and has maintained its position as a go-to platform for both brands and consumers. By including ads before, during and after video content, the platform has created a high conversion rate—over 70% of YouTube users have purchased from a brand after seeing an advertisement on the platform. 

YouTube has been one of the most popular and successful online locations for marketers; it offers an easy-to-use platform where brands can showcase their products through their own channels or by using YouTube influencers.

YouTube Demographics General usage

YouTube Demographics: Age

Considering its sheer popularity, YouTube has a wide range of users across the planet. With over 2 billion global users (active in over 100 countries and 80 different languages), it’s unsurprising that the YouTube audience demographics span multiple generations. So, which generational YouTube demographics should you be aware of?

The range of content on YouTube offers value of some sort to most people. The largest YouTube age demographic is Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2010), where around 85% of the cohort use YouTube regularly. The main use of the platform within this YouTube demographic is for relaxation and entertainment purposes—which is what the platform was popular for before it became a large advertising opportunity. 

In addition to entertainment, 80% of Gen Z have used YouTube to learn a new or improve an existing skill—something that is easy to do on the platform given the fact more than 500 hours of content is uploaded to the platform every minute. 

Gen Z also use the platform to deepen real-life connections and take a break from life’s stresses. If you’re targeting Gen Z, educational and entertaining content will reign supreme.

Following from Gen Z, 70% of Millennial users have consumed YouTube content in the past year to learn how to do something new or learn more about a topic they’re interested in. YouTube demographic statistics have shown that Millennials prefer the following videos formats:

  1. News and human interest stories to keep up to date
  2. Unboxing and product review videos to influence spending
  3. Quick and fun entertainment 

Gen X use the platform for nostalgia. This YouTube demographic is regularly searching for queries including “Prince Purple Rain” or “Commercials from the 90s”, or any other topic that will allow them to step back in time for a few minutes. 

Lastly, Baby Boomers. The most-watched categories on YouTube are entertainment, music, and news. This YouTube demographic are 1.3X more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial than reading instructions. This shows that YouTube has become the platform for all ages to provide entertainment, instructions, safety and inspiration for all occasions and people. 

YouTube Demographics Age


How can I see the demographics of a YouTube video?

To see your YouTube demographics, you can click the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics. This gives you an overview of who’s watching your videos and insights into their demographics. 

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