X Marketing Campaigns: The Guide to Ultimate Success

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X marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your audience informed about important topics and current affairs all while promoting your brand’s products/services.

X is a text-based conversational social media platform known for its insight capabilities into just about anything from current affairs to trending topics, often sparking discussions and topical debates worldwide. 61.2% of people say X is how they keep informed. 

Take it as a virtual town hall housing the brave and the bold as it sees a departure from video & photo-first social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This means that the type of businesses seen using the platform seek to communicate with their audiences, and it’s evident when 76% of users are motivated to purchase a product based on X conversations. 

This blog will perform a deep dive into some of the companies seen using the platform to define how they use X for business marketing.  

But before we get started, we must address the elephant in the room…Threads.

While there is a current constant buzz around Threads, Meta’s direct competitor to X, it should not be a platform we undermine – after all, a little bit of competition breeds innovation; however, we’re here to emphasise that, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

X has established itself for over a decade – while being formerly known as Twitter – and is firmly stuck in the ever-expanding social web of platforms. It breeds expansive opportunities for brands and businesses to create and optimise a killer X marketing campaign – dare we say, marketing campaign across the board and therefore should not be undermined!

Which companies have the best X marketing campaigns?

When looking at the likes of brand giants Starbucks and Playstation, both are responsible for some of the best X marketing campaigns, after gaining high traction through using X to increase engagement and spark conversation.

Starbucks interacted with its audience during Christmas 2015, by embracing the “controversy” around their red Christmas cup not being “Christmassy” enough. Starbucks showed off the cup in different colours through varied formatting like a cover photo or gif, fully utilising X’s UI. 

They took this further by retweeting followers and sparking debates around coffee, all derived from a simple red cup. Crazy? Cool? You decide.

X marketing tips and tricks

1. Understand how to devise a killer X Marketing strategy 

Creating an X marketing campaign may sound daunting, but stick with us and you’ll be a pro in no time.

The very essence of an X marketing campaign revolves around executing a marketing strategy that elevates your business/brand on X and it all starts with creating content that promotes your brand. We know it sounds simple, but by doing this, you create a butterfly effect, resonating with your followers and attracting new audiences to your business. 

Simply put, your X marketing strategy attracts your target audience and boosts conversions, ultimately increasing ROI and other business goals. It elevates your persona and defines a concrete tone of voice on X and beyond!

X marketing strategy key takeaways:

  1. Conduct research into your Target audience. 
  2. Create creative and engaging content that aligns with your brand persona.
  3. Implement a content calendar to schedule your posts accordingly.
  4. Conduct a marketing analysis based on your strategy to measure your X marketing campaign results. 

2. Successfully implement X 

Next, we discuss using X for your business and the tools and tricks accessible to produce a successful X marketing campaign. Remember to tailor these pointers to your design depending on your company size, industry and specific goals. It’s all transferable! 

Action steps:

  1. Personalise your profile to create a unique online presence. For example, creating a handle and header or writing a solid profile biography to enthral your audience and convert them into your fans! 
  2. Engage in proactive commenting with your community to spark interactive X chats. You can do this by liking a post or replying back directly. 
  3. Curate specialised X  lists tailored to your needs to collate and organise specific accounts you want to follow. 
  4. Get verified on X  to come across as authentic and legitimate to your audience.
  5. Focus on building your follower count and appeasing their needs by making unique and shareable content that resonates with them. You can do this through unique hashtags, giveaways, polls and X influencer marketing! 
  6. Implement specific keywords in your ads to spark conversation and engagement towards your audience through particular words that can fall on your content. The only keyword aspects you need to know about are search keyword targeting and timeline keyword targeting. In a nutshell, search targeting allows your content to appear to those who have searched similar topics, while timeline keyword targeting enables platforms to target X users based on keywording in their recent Tweets.
  7. And finally, it’s time to get organised. Start with devising a schedule to regulate and track what time you post and how frequently you post. 8–10 AM and 6–9 PM on weekdays, when people are commuting to and from work, is your best bet. 

To accommodate your super duper schedule, here are the key metrics you should track (depending on your business objectives) to leverage your X marketing campaign.

 Engagement: retweets, follows, replies, favourites, and clicks. 

Impressions: number of times your tweets appeared on one of your TA’s pages.

Hashtags: Look at your hashtags and evaluate which ones are being predominantly received by your audience. 

Top tweets: Analyse which of your tweets garner the highest engagement. 

Your users: Stay updated on the success of your contributors, the ones with admin access to your account. Analyse their tweets’ performance to adopt their effective strategies frequently or remove them if needed.

So there you have it, guys; you’ve read through all our top tips for executing a perfect X marketing campaign

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