Why Fashion Brands Collaborate With Influencers On Products

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Combining a fashion brand with social media is easy enough. Take an image of a product, caption it, post it, and anybody following your page will get a snapshot of it – and choose whether or not to purchase the product, or engage with, circulate or completely ignore the content. In fact, anybody with a smartphone can use social media to market a brand in this unpredictable, hit-or-miss way.

However, using social media effectively, and genuinely influencing an audience into deciding to purchase a product or engage more thoroughly with a brand, is an entirely different ball game. This is where influencer marketing comes to the fore, with tangible results that genuinely blow less strategic and far more passive social media practices out of the water. Here’s why it’s such an effective strategy for fashion brands.

Consider The Audience

Research into the popularity of influencer marketing has proved beyond any doubt how incredibly effective it is. For instance, the Digital Marketing Institute found that 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities, and that 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice.

In total, almost 50% of consumers now depend on influencer recommendations when making a purchasing decision – making it a no-brainer for fashion brands to collaborate with influencers.

Consider The Market

Therefore, it will come as little surprise that influencer marketing is the fastest-growing way to acquire and retain customers online. Essentially, it’s the most effective way, right now, to build a relationship with multiple customers simultaneously.

While social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook still provide great ways to share content and interact positively with as many people as possible, for human-to-human interaction, there is no better method around than collaborating with an influencer – who, in turn, will engage directly with an audience.

Consider The Competition

Right now, there are more than 57% of companies in the fashion and beauty sector engaging in influencer marketing, with many more expected to join the party every year. As we always say, the world of social media won’t stand still, so you can expect the influencer marketing within this world to continue growing, adapting and evolving.

Traditional print and other digital marketing methods are still popular, no doubt – but, to stay competitive, fashion brands must stay on trend (in more ways than one, as you can imagine!). Consider how you react to a pop-up digital advert now, compared to when they first began to appear on your desktop.

Now, 40% of laptops and 15% of mobiles use ad-blocking software – making this method of advertising more redundant every day. With influencer marketing, your audience has already decided to engage with a brand or individual, and may even do so daily.

So, quite simply, it just makes sense for fashion brands to collaborate with influencers on products. The relationship you want with your customers is already in place, with trust, tone and character already firmly established.

However, if you’re still not sure where to start, or how the process of collaborating with influencers works, that’s where we come in. We have unrivalled access to influencers across multiple platforms, know exactly who to approach, and can back up everything we do with clear, accessible data that proves it. For more information, and to connect your fashion brand to your audience, get in touch today.

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