Why 70% Of Car Buyers Believe YouTube Videos Influence Their Purchase

September 27th, 2019 by

What attracts you to a new car? The colour? Its sustainability, perhaps? A lifelong attraction to the badge or manufacturer? Perhaps even a well-rehearsed review by whoever’s presenting Top Gear these days. However, what about YouTube videos? Do they influence your purchasing decisions and make you choose a particular brand or product over another?

Well, according to research, more than two-thirds of people – 70%, in fact – are influenced in their decision-making by YouTube video content when it comes to buying a car. Why, though?

Looking For Reliability

Please note – this doesn’t just mean in the vehicle! According to Google Consumer Surveys research, 6 out of 10 people looking for a new car are unsure of what to buy. Naturally, then, this might lead them to ask friends, family, and colleagues for advice – and, of course, visit dealerships.

However, a major concern when buying a car, particularly from a private dealer, is not knowing exactly what you’re paying for – but this is certainly an area where a spot of social networking can come in handy. Internet users not only have instant access to a broader range of almost immediate advice, via social media; many also have a number of trusted, reliable motoring influencers they subscribe to.

Subsequently, it not only makes perfect sense for brands, including car manufacturers, to maintain a positive online digital presence – they can also tap into notable influencers in their content marketing.


In The Driving Seat

Interestingly, the percentage of people who are receptive to online reviews (67.7%) is very similar to the proportion of car buyers influenced by YouTube videos (70%). These incredible statistics prove that digital marketing is essential to the success of any product or service.

Essentially, engaging videos and honest online reviews create trust between a brand or business, and a customer (either existing or potential). The more the trust is reinforced, the stronger it becomes, and the closer an individual is to make a purchasing decision.

Take the example of a traditional car dealership. Anybody visiting would expect to see sparkling, clean vehicles, and quickly be able to ascertain key details like price, finance, spec, and reliability. However, it would be up to a dealer to establish the trust that ensures the purchase is made.

Now, that trust can be built online. In the same way that you might trust a friend or family member who knows more about a particular product or business, others now trust influencers and notable internet celebrities similarly. The views of car reviews and promotional videos have been increasing, year on year, as more and more customers rely on video content in their purchasing decisions.

Finally, the most fundamental proof that online video has become so crucial to car manufacturers is in the types of videos people choose to watch. Test drives, videos focusing on different models and makes, and detailed walk-through of the interior and exterior of a car have proved the most popular. Where would people traditionally do all of these things? That’s right – at a dealership.

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