Which Social Media Channels Are The Best For Influencer Marketing?

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With an overwhelming amount of social media channels to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which to run your marketing efforts through. 

Influencer marketing is the practice of using prominent figures in different communities to give endorsements and product mentions to drive awareness and even sales. Influencers are individuals who have a dedicated following, are trusted and are seen as experts in their respective fields. Due to this high level of trust, the products or services they endorse are seen as social proof for their audience who, in turn, are now potential customers for the brand. 

This of course can happen across a variety of different social media channels with giants like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok taking the lion’s share of notable campaigns over the years. However new competitors are springing up every day with many of them trying to capitalise on their new innovations. As of writing this, one recent example is Meta launching their new social media channel Threads as a competitor to Twitter.

If you’re for the best social media channels to run your campaign on we’ve got you covered with our top 5 below.


The popular image-sharing platform Instagram is first on our list. This social media channel is filled with a variety of different ways an influencer can post content, be it image Posts, Reels, or Stories. Instagram also offers other built-in features such as Story highlights which allow users to retain Story content on their profile, and of course, the Meta Business Centre which allows you to control accounts from a shared platform and see all the data in one place.  

A notable campaign run through Instagram dates back to 2020 in which Dunkin Donuts partnered with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. Running a competition offering the opportunity to get a virtual date with the TikTok superstar, and renaming her favourite drink “the Charli”, saw not only an incredible competition turnout, but also a boost in sales and app download for the brand.


As another huge social media channel, Twitter caters to text-based communities and welcomes the discussion of various topics. With 200 million daily active users on the platform it’s another viable choice for influencer marketing.

Twitter has a variety of different features to help with this including boosting options and multiple statistics that allow you to see the all relevant data your campaign needs. Hashtags are another prominent feature on the platform, allowing you to start a trend that can widen your audience greatly.

A notable example of an influencer marketing campaign on the platform is Cisco Champions. As a B2B campaign, Cisco gathered top IT Creators under one roof as part of a membership programme, giving them perks like sneak peeks at products and exclusive event invites. In turn, the participants provided feedback and reviews on all the products leading to a massive upswing in brand advocacy across Twitter. The results include: 55,000+ tweets, 44,000+ hits of Cisco-related blog posts, and 8,000+ mentions on other social networks.


TikTok as a social media channel is slightly different from the rest. 

Skewed towards a younger audience and focused on more raw, less manufactured content, TikTok is the place for viral content to thrive. For marketing purposes, influencers can be used to create trends and challenges and boost them across the platform creating significant impressions, engagement and UGC content for all to see.

Not only this but hashtags and other discoverability features can be used to add to a video and of course a range of boosting options that you can tailor as you see fit to hit the audiences you want.

An example of a campaign that flourished on TikTok is Gymsharks #66 Days: Change your Life challenge. The challenge asked users to set a personal goal and achieve it by March 8th. They partnered with 6 influencers and achieved 45.5 million views under their hashtag #gymshark66. The campaign was so successful that some people are even still doing the challenge this year even though the competition ended in 2020.


#gymshark66 day 66, the finale @gymshark this took me two days to post because i didnt wanna admit it was over, but it’s not. ive learned so much about myself, and am hungry for what’s to come. ill be posting a yt vid in a few days going over the journey 🫶

♬ If you see this follow me lol – Mary🪬


As the king of all video-sharing platforms, YouTube is a special social media channel that has come a long way since its inception in 2005. The site now has 122 million daily active users and marketers have been quick to notice. Ranging from full videos around products to cut-away integration you can find just about anything promoted on the platform.

As for the platform’s marketing features, you can set up a simple ad campaign in the Promotion tab so your video can be publicised across the platform. Not only this, if your videos are eye-catching, they stand a chance at appearing under YouTube’s Trending tab. This is accessed by all users across all communities and niches and, therefore, will put you in good stead for widening your reach.

Nike has a great example of an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube, after leveraging a large creator called “What’s Inside”. To promote the launch of the new Nike Air Vapormax trainers, a video going through how they were made and finally taking them apart to see what is inside, was created. The video generated over 7 million views, making it an overall success.


The social media channel Twitch is the place for gaming and other live-streamed content. There are a multitude of creators on the platform, and with 7.25 million active users worldwide it’s a great place for influencer marketing.

As for the ways you can utilise the platform for marketing, Twitch has options for paid ads that will play during the stream no matter the size/niche of the creator. You can utilise a streamer for a live reaction or unboxing event or even create your own branded channel and hire streamers to stream from it.

An example of a successful campaign run through the platform is Cashapp’s 100K UNO tournament. Using a variety of high-profile influencers, Cashapp ran a PR event for its audience to watch. The campaign reached 1.3 million views and saw 484K users follow the channel.

Twitch Cashapp tournament

There you have it, the top social media channels to utilise for your social media marketing campaigns. With new social media channels constantly launching, it is wise to align the platform you choose with your audience’s preferences and marketing goals to ensure success. 

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