Where Does Threads Fit Into The Age Of Video Content?

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What do the current reigning social media platforms all have in common?

They offer their users the opportunity to tap into video content creation and, therefore, the latest online trends. Think TikTok, Reels and Shorts; the rapid rise in video content creation was largely triggered by the pandemic in 2020 and, to this day, is used by 86% of marketers worldwide. 

But if the social media landscape is so dominated by video content, where does a text-based app like Threads fit into the equation?

Social media trends have shifted with the times. Now, consumers favour community, connection, and an authentic and human approach to the way we consume online information.

Threads offers users exactly this. The app prioritises community by offering ample opportunity for users to share opinions on hot topics and engage with those with shared interests. This is the new key to online success. Not only this, but the general consensus gathered so far is that users are loving the fact Threads is not a short-form video copycat, further solidifying the demand for a text-based, community-focused app at this point in time.

How can Threads content compliment other video-based platforms?

Just because Threads offers something vastly different from what most social media platforms offer—all bar Twitter (sorry, X)—it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in conjunction with other platforms. In fact, there has been a recent surge in users on video-based platforms using Threads to inspire content creation.

Adam Tyler Smith does a great job of explaining exactly how to execute this.


Use Threads as idea catch all -> review daily -> script best ideas -> create short/long form video = not being overwhelmed. #threads #socialmediamarketing #makingmoneyonline #monetizingtiktok #businessgrowthtips #tiktokgrowth

♬ original sound – Adam 🤙🏻

Resharing Threads content to TikTok or other platforms is a great way for creators to avoid burnout, but it does present Threads the challenge of keeping users active and engaged on the platform itself. Resharing Threads content to another platform results in users passively consuming Threads content via an alternative platform. Just think about how many Twitter highlights you’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok—the same threat applies to Threads. 

Due to TikTok’s hyper-relevant and highly addictive algorithm, users are shown the exact Threads content they will find entertaining, something they would have to dig to find in Threads’ current algorithm. To beat this, Threads needs to find a way to keep users coming back to its platform for more. In addition to this, Threads will now have to compete with TikTok’s latest update, where users can now create text only posts with up to 1,000 characters. 

As Threads is a text-based, conversation app, there isn’t as much need for visual content as there is on Instagram. However, this doesn’t mean that visual content can’t still be talked about or promoted. 

If you are a video content creator looking to tackle Threads, a great way to blend your efforts and start on the new platform is to see Threads as a space to generate conversations about the visual content you have created for Instagram, or elsewhere. Because of the ease of combining Threads and Instagram, creators can consider Instagram as their storefront, and Threads as the breakroom. You show your followers what you like on Instagram, and Threads shows your followers who you are. 

Where Instagram content creation typically entails meticulous planning, attention to detail and a performative approach, content on Threads is a lot more ‘in-the-moment’ and casual, inviting users to take a more laid-back approach to content creation. This allows video content creators to continue focusing their efforts on what they do best, while simultaneously using Threads to casually spark conversation about their creative process or the topic/reason for a video’s creation.

The modern day user no longer tolerates “empty” content. Instead they are looking to engage with that which is meaningful. While Threads content doesn’t require meticulous planning, the words published still hold just as much weight as the amount of work that goes into a 30-second Reel. Starting important conversations serves as meaningful content and is that which video content creators should enter the Threads space remembering.

Should video content be avoided altogether?

Being the sister platform to Instagram, integration between the two is seamless. In fact, many creators see Threads as complementary to Instagram. Threads users are able to repost Reels and videos to their account, while also tapping into Threads Carousels to relay visual content. Though there are options to post pictures and videos, users should be wary of how and when this is done. 

To many, Threads is likened to one big group chat. If you’re in a few of your own, you’ll understand that visual content sent in the group chat is typically relevant to the topic/conversation at hand. Sending memes, videos and images without context doesn’t always land very well and can risk generating confusion. 

Our suggestion? Before posting visual content to Threads, think to yourself, ‘would this be posted in the group chat right now?’

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