What is Twitch?

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Introduced in 2011, Twitch is a live streaming platform that primarily focuses on video games. However, it also hosts content for a plethora of other genres, such as the popular ‘Just Chatting’ feature and others such as cooking, podcasts and music. Globally available on most platforms, Twitch sees an average of 2 million daily users, hitting a peak of 6 million daily average users in June 2020. Owned by Amazon, Twitch leads the video game live streaming market, ahead of competitors such as YouTube, Facebook and Mixer.

Twitch Users Averages for January 2020

Why do people watch Streamers rather than playing the game themselves?

Keeping up with all the relevant and latest video games can be difficult and time consuming. With many individuals also attracted to the idea of watching a Streamer who has great skill on the video game – much how sports fans watch professionals, rather than playing themselves. Therefore, individuals choose to tune into a Twitch stream instead.

Why do Streamers decide to broadcast their gaming/personal experience for other people to watch live?

Due to the sheer number of web traffic on Twitch, it has evolved from pure entertainment to lucrative employment for Streamers with large followings. Viewers can pay streamers monthly premiums to gain exclusive privileges on the host’s stream. Viewers can also choose to donate to the streamer if they want to. This has resulted in the larger streamers such as ‘NICKMERCS’ and ‘TIMTHETATMAN’, earning over $150k and $77k respectively every month simply from subscriptions.

Hours watched per platform in Q3 2019

Hours Streaing Watched Per Platform in Q3, 2019

Most popular video games streamed on Twitch June 2020

Most Video Games Streamed on Twitch June 2020

What can I expect from a Twitch stream?

Entertainment. The majority of the larger streamers on the platform will broadcast for multiple hours, 5 or 6 days a week. Given the monetisation of content on Twitch, there are hundreds of influencers that stream on twitch full-time. For streamers, the ease of broadcasting their gameplay live results in streams that last much longer than uploading content on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, therefore users should be prepared to jump in and out of Twitch streams. Given the traffic and appeal of the platform, there is a constant supply of entertaining content for users to view and interact with.

Is there a Twitch community?

Yes.  Similar to other platforms like YouTube, the most popular gamers are familiar and friendly with other streamers on the platform. In 2019, Twitch added a ‘squad stream’ feature onto the platform, allowing influencers that are playing together as a team in a video games, to stream as a team too. This allows users to view different perspectives of their favourite streamers who are playing together. The popularity of this feature also encourages streamers to play video games together as merging audiences from multiple streams can encourage additional viewers to their own channel, allowing increased monetisation.

Popularity of ESports by Age


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