What is Talent Management and Why is it Important?

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What is talent management? Talent management has a different meaning depending on who you ask. For human resources, it’s sourcing the right talent, bringing them into the company and helping them grow. In terms of influencers, talent management involves pairing the right talent with brands and opportunities that will help both parties grow. 

In this blog we will discuss all things talent management.

What is talent management?

In influencer marketing terms, talent management is a team of people who connect influencers and brands together. A talent management agency would handle contract negotiations, public relations, identification of high-performing influencers, and general influencer assistance. 

Talent management helps influencers understand the opportunities presented to them and helps them develop their skills to motivate them to achieve their long-term goals. 

The concept of talent management isn’t new; celebrities have had teams managing them for years. It is only recently that talent management has evolved to assist influencers.

What is a talent management strategy?

Talent management agencies need to have a strong strategy that can articulate to both influencers and brands. There are 4 key talent management processes that can help agencies create powerful talent management strategies.

Creative briefs

Creative briefs help talent managers find the right talent for the role. If a brand provides a detailed creative brief, they are essentially providing a job spec or checklist that talent managers need to complete. Without a detailed creative brief, talent managers may not be able to find the most suitable talent for the campaign or project, leading to client disappointment.

A creative brief should answer: 

  1. Why are we running this campaign?
  2. What problem are we trying to solve OR What opportunity are we trying to leverage?
  3. Who is it for and why do they care?
  4. What’s the scope of work?
  5. How will success be measured?

Culture matching

Talent managers know that finding a skilled influencer isn’t enough to make a project great. Talent managers will find influencers that match the brand’s values and culture to ensure an authentic fit. An influencer that clashes with a brand won’t benefit any parties.

Coaching and support

Some talent management agencies will help influencers develop their creative skills to prepare them for upcoming projects. They can provide specific training based on creative briefs to guarantee high quality content that answers the brief. 

By offering continuous support, talent management agencies can build strong relationships with influencers. Having a positive relationship means influencers will be more inclined to work with brands suggested by them because they trust the talent agency has their best interests in mind.


By providing incentives, talent agencies can motivate, engage and manage influencers easily. Incentives don’t have to be limited to monetary offers; talent management agencies can offer products and gifts the influencer really wants.

Why brand should consider using a talent management agency

Now we’ve answered “what is talent management?” we can discuss why brands should consider using a talent management agency. Talent management solutions can make a brand’s project run faster and smoother. Brands can outsource the influencer sourcing to a talent agency. Talent management agencies are experts at finding relevant and skilled influencer talents that will be relevant to a brand.

Before working with a talent management agency, there are a few things brands should consider.

Check out their recent work

Before hiring a talent management agency, brands should ask to see some of their recent work created by their influencers. Brands should want to work with influencers that produce high quality content, and by viewing previous work they can determine whether the influencers are skilled enough and provide the services they need.

Create a plan and budget

Brands need to ensure they have a detailed creative brief and budget considered before reaching out to talent management agencies. Talent management agencies want to pair brands with their influencers, and by providing exact needs and demands in a creative brief, they can create the most accurate and appropriate pairing.

Find one that fits your brand

If a talent management agency can’t provide brands with relevant influencers or if cultures clash, brands shouldn’t be afraid to walk away. A brand may have to reach out to two or three talent management agencies before finding the one. Brands shouldn’t compromise on who they choose to work with.


What is talent management?

In simple terms, talent management is the process of pairing influencers (talent) to brand projects and campaigns. It involves retaining high-quality talent and developing their skills to improve their performance.

What are the key components of talent management?

There are 4 key components of talent management:

  1. Creative briefing 
  2. Culture matching
  3. Coaching and supporting
  4. Incentivising

What is the purpose of talent management?

Talent management agencies manage top influencers and celebrities. They source projects influencers can work on and pair brands with relevant influencers. Talent management agencies also help train influencers to improve their creative skills to ensure they are creating the highest quality content possible. 

What is a talent management process?

The talent management process involves identifying top performing influencers and helping them understand the opportunities presented to them. IT also involves developing their skills and motivating influencers to achieve their long term goals.

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