What is a Vlog: A Beginner’s Guide to Follow

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What is a vlog?

What is a vlog? Vlogging has become a fundamental aspect of video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. However, not everyone is aware of exactly what a vlog is. A vlog is a short video that consists of everyday activities of one person or a group of people. 

What is a vlog video? 

A vlog is a video blog that can be shared to any social media platform that has video features. However, YouTube is the most popular site for vloggers (those who create vlogs) to post their content. Authenticity is central to any vlog, which means that vloggers typically create all aspects of their content from filming to editing. Vlogs can also belong to any topic given that there are no rules or expectations for video blogs except that they must achieve some kind of purpose. Whether a vlogger shows their fans an exotic trip abroad, or what they do in a day, there are no restrictions on the type of content that can be created.

What does vlog mean? 

A vlog is a video blog that is shared online. One of the key aspects of vlogging is that vloggers speak directly to the camera when filming and they often directly address their fans about different subject matters. This gives their videos a personal and intimate feel, which explains why vlogs are so popular today.

What should I vlog about?

The best part about vlogging is that you can vlog about anything you like. The best YouTube influencers and vloggers usually vlog about a range of topics including travel, lifestyle and food. Some of the most popular vlogs focus on the everyday lives of vloggers. They are usually titled ‘Day in the Life’ vlogs and they give influencers’ fans a closer look into their daily lives. Anything from meeting with family and friends to making breakfast can be included in this category of vlogs.

What do I need for vlogging?

1. Suitable camera equipment

Understanding how to start a vlog video is more than just coming up with innovative content ideas. The first thing your audience will notice is the quality of your videos. You don’t need to invest in the most expensive camera equipment to create great quality vlogs — a smartphone will suffice. However, you should think about investing in equipment such as tripods. This will ensure that you avoid uploading shaky videos to your social media. Buying other equipment such as different camera lenses can also add a more unique feel to your vlogs.

2. Select your niche

In order to understand what you need for vlogging, you must select your niche category. The most successful vloggers are experts in a niche topic which helps them to build a community of loyal followers. By selecting one niche category, you will be able to attract a strong fan base. For example, Casey Neistat is one of the most famous vloggers and is known for being an expert in daily vlogging. He frequently posts fun family activities and adventures such as surfing at an abandoned waterpark.

3. Create a USP

Vlogs are so prevalent on the internet that it can sometimes be hard to distinguish one vlogger from another. You must think about how your content will stand out from the millions of vlogs that already exist. One aspect of knowing what you need to start a successful vlog is to be yourself and let your personality shine. However, in order to set your vlogs apart from others, you should think about adding quirky elements to your videos such as catchphrases, theme songs and introductions. 

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