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Fast food special! Check into the KFC Hotel, McDonalds sponsors FaZe, Burger King’s #WishItWasAWhopper Olympic fun. Plus TikTok launches Stories, Twitch’s new ad format and Rihanna’s Motorcycle Club!

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1. TikTok is testing a Snapchat-style stories feature

A new Feature Tiktok Stories - Socially Powerful

The new feature, simply called “TikTok Stories,” appears to work similarly to other stories functions on apps like Instagram or Snapchat. Stories live in a newly added slide-over sidebar, where you’ll be able to see stories posted by accounts that you follow on TikTok for 24 hours before they’re automatically deleted. Other users will be able to react and comment on your story, too.

2. Twitch’s new ads are way less disruptive

Twitch’s new ads - Socially Powerful

Twitch is experimenting with a new type of ad format for streamers that appears to be much less disruptive than the pre- and mid-roll ads that take over an entire stream. The new ads, called Stream Display Ads, instead show up under or around somebody’s stream but don’t stop you from seeing or hearing what’s going on.


3. McDonald’s sponsors FaZe Clan in major deal

McDonald’s sponsors FaZe Clan in major deal

McDonald’s has announced a major new sponsorship deal with FaZe Clan that will see the two companies partner on a series of content featuring major FaZe Clan stars, which aims to highlight diversity in the games industry. The deal is being touted by FaZe Clan as one of the largest fast food restaurant sponsorships in the gaming space, and it was revealed in a video with stars FaZe Rug, FaZe Adapt, FaZe Swagg and others having some fun in a McDonalds restaurant.


4. TikTok is inspiring creators to reinterpret old iconic ads

TikTok is inspiring creators to reinterpret old iconic ads

TikTok is setting in motion a new exciting call for the new generation of its creative community to reframe ads of the past that have shaped the industry as we know it and influenced culture. Brands that have already joined the Re:Make program include Skittles, Snickers, and Old Spice. They have each partnered with TikTok creators and assigned them the task to reimagine iconic ad campaigns on the platform.

5. WATCH: Rihanna revs up inclusive lingerie brand Fenty with all-female motorcycle club

Rihanna is once again turning heads, this time with the all-female motorcycle club ‘Caramel Curves’ in tow to promote the size-inclusive lingerie brand Savage x Fenty. Smashing stereotypes, the bikers comprise a mix of mothers, business owners and community leaders from New Orleans who turn heads by modeling the full lingerie range of over 100 garments while out on the road to show that anything men can do, women can do better.

6. KFC is opening a brand-new fried chicken hotel, complete with a ‘Press For Chicken’ button

KFC is opening a brand-new fried chicken hotel, complete with a 'Press For Chicken' button

KFC will be hosting the ultimate staycation this summer, because it’s opening a brand-new fried chicken hotel, called the House of Harland. Open for 11 days only, the pop-up will take place in Shoreditch and is available to book through Hotels.com. House of Harland will be complete with a plush private cinema room, a finger lickin’ ‘Press For Chicken’ button (not a far cry from Bob Bob Ricard’s ‘press for champagne’ button), and a Hot Winger arcade machine.

7. Wish it was a Whopper? Burger King plays on iconic gold medal bite in marketing stunt

Wish it was a Whopper? Burger King plays on iconic gold medal bite in marketing stunt

Playing on the iconic pose where athletes pretend to bite into their medals after winning a match, Burger King Belgium is offering viewers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games free Whopper burgers when they take a photo or screenshot of an athlete biting into their medal and post it on social media with the hashtag #WishItWasAWhopper.

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