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Meta rivals Twitch, TikTok goes fresh and takes on Spotify, the metaverse will change influencer marketing, and Duolingo partners with Jackbox Games. 

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1. Meta is developing a Twitch rival

Meta is developing a Twitch rival

Meta is reportedly testing a new livestreaming platform called Super, which has “similar functionality to Twitch.” It’s invited a small handful of influencers and creators to test it out and is yet to confirm what this new platform means for the future of Facebook Gaming. Super is designed to allow influencers to engage with their audiences and “create a platform that enables a digital version of in-person meet and greet experiences.” (Via Dexerto)

2. Buy your fresh food from TikTok

Buy your fresh food from TikTok

TikTok has launched fresh food in the UK, with users able to order directly through the platform. The merchants, which will take responsibility for delivery of orders, can work with TikTok’s network of creators to run live content and offer users exclusive discounts. Food content is a huge driver of engagement on TikTok, with everyone from amateur foodies to well-known chefs sharing tips, recipes and mouth-watering meals on the platform. (Via Retail Gazette)

3. TikTok to take on Spotify 

TikTok to take on Spotify

TikTok might be developing a music app that’s set to take on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. TikTok filed a trademark application for a music app in May, and lists a variety of potential goods including “allowing users to purchase, play, share, download music, songs, albums, [and] lyrics,” as well as “live stream audio and video interactive media programming in the field of entertainment, fashion, sports and current events.” (Via CNet)


4. What will influencer marketing in the metaverse look like?

What will influencer marketing in the metaverse look like

Social media has seen a huge increase in AI influencers. When the metaverse arrives, AI influencers will coexist with their human counterparts in the metaverse, allowing customers to engage with more personalised and relatable brand tales. Brands across the marketplace are tapping into the potential of the metaverse and the marketing benefits it offers. (Via The Statesman)


5. Duolingo partners with Jackbox Games

Duolingo partners with Jackbox Games

Learning platform Duolingo has partnered up with games developer Jackbox Games. The tie-up is based on a recognition that the gamification of language is part of both platforms’ appeal, powered by users’ mobile habits. Jackbox, for instance, is integrating Duolingo-based questions into its Quiplash minigame, which sees players enter the funniest answer possible to prompts such as: ‘Before Duolingo chose the Owl, it wisely rejected [blank] as its mascot.’ (Via The Drum)

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