Weekly Marketing News, 3rd February 2023

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YouTube adds context, TikTok drives sales, Twitch releases brand insights, ChatGPT is taking over, and The North Face goes exploring.  


1. Instagram’s co-founders are making a comeback

Instagram's co-founders are making a comeback

Instagram’s co-founders are back, this time with Artifact. Artifact is a personalised news feed that uses machine learning to identify a user’s interests, and is being called the TikTok for text. The app shows popular articles from a curated list of publishers, and will show users more recommendations based on their interactions. (Via Platformer News)

2. Twitter registers for payment licences in the US

Twitter registers for payment licences in the US

Twitter has taken its next steps towards offering payments in the app, having begun applying for regulatory licences in US states, the next legal requirement for providing payment services in the app. (Via Social Media Today)

3. New paid subscription for ChatGPT

New paid subscription for ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the AI content tool that’s taken the world by storm, is switching to a freemium model, with a new paid tier, priced at $20 per month, giving users better access to the tool. With ChatGPT Plus users will have access to ChatGPT at peak times, faster response times, and priority access to new features. (via Social Media Today)

4. TikTok tests the importance of music

TikTok tests the importance of music

TikTok is testing how much users enjoy music on the platform by limiting the number of songs to be used for videos. The experiment is targeting users in Australia as content creators won’t be able to use certain songs. The music industry is concerned over this decision due to the hype and revenue TikTok brings. (Via MixMag)

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5. BA isn’t banning pilots from posting

British Airways has come to its defence against a social post made by an employee, claiming the company had banned pilots and crew from making social posts while at work. BA had only reminded employees of pre-existing conditions and rules around safety, customer data, and security. (Via The Independent)

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