Weekly Marketing News, 2nd September 2022

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Shop on YouTube and watch videos in 1.5x, join an exclusive collaging app, join trends with Snapchat’s BeReal, and greenwash with PLT. 

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1.Shopify and YouTube launch YouTube Shopping

Shopify and YouTube launch YouTube Shopping

Thanks to a partnership with YouTube and Shopify, you will now be able to purchase products directly on YouTube’s website. Users can purchase products from Shopify merchants while watching a video or live stream. The entire payment process will take place through the video streaming platform. As of this week, the feature is available worldwide, but to use it, merchants will need a minimum of 1000 subscribers. (Via eCommerce News)

2. The invite-only collage app 

The invite-only collage app

Pinterest launched an invite-only collaging app, Shuffles, and despite its exclusive nature, has happily sat at the top of the app charts. Collages and mood-boards are viral on TikTok, Gen Z users are leveraging the new creative tool to make, publish and share visual content. These “aesthetic” collages are then set to music and posted to TikTok or shared privately with friends or with the broader Shuffles community. (Via TechCrunch)

3. Snapchat creates BeReal camera clone

Snapchat creates BeReal camera clone

Snapchat has launched its own Dual Camera feature, copying the popular camera format from viral platform BeReal. Although, instead of copying BeReal’s “2-minute notification”, Snapchat is encouraging users to share selfies and take part in creative trends. Users have the choice of several Dual output formats, including vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture, and cut-out. (Via Social Media Today)

4. People are watching YouTube videos at faster playback speeds 

People are watching YouTube videos at faster playback speeds

It’s no secret our attention spans are alarmingly low. YouTube recently revealed that users ‘save an average of over 900 years of video time per day’ because they’re watching videos at faster speeds. YouTube says that 1.5x speed is the most commonly used alternative, followed by 2x as a close second and 1.25x at third. (Via Social Media Today)


5. How to Greenwash with PLT 

How to Greenwash with PLT

Pretty Little Thing recently announced its second-hand PLT Marketplace, where people can resell their PLT pieces and bits from other brands. Considering its (current) history as the fast fashion juggernaut famed for alleged-worker exploitation and planetary destruction, it’s understandable that the brand has faced backlash. (Via Dazed)

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