Weekly Marketing News, 26th March 2021

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This week we’ve seen YouTube testing a new AI, MrBeast investing in the up-and-coming, how Little Moons handled the TikTok fame, Desperado’s dance-powered app, Colgate’s iridescent toothpaste and Singapore’s taxi livestreams.

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1. YouTube tests automatically detecting products in videos using AI

This week, YouTube announced another experimental feature on its platform. The test, visible to US users watching videos on YouTube, displays products that are detected in videos – as an automated list with other related products. The list will appear between recommended videos as viewers scroll past the video player itself.


2. MrBeast working with $2 million fund to invest in up-and-coming creators

MrBeast said last year that he wanted a way to invest in up-and-coming creators, help them blow up, and get a cut of their business in return—and today, he’s announcing a plan to do just about that. The YouTuber is working with a $2 million investment fund that will offer creators up to $250,000 in exchange for a stake in their channels.


3. Taking a punt and planning for the unplanned: How Little Moons made the most of TikTok fame

A graduate set up a Little Moons TikTok account and began posting videos of the joys of bite-sized Japanese ice cream treats that went viral. Soon there were over 15,000 Little Moons-themed TikTok videos, boasting over 500 million views. And Little Moons’ sales skyrocketed by 2,000%.

4. Desperados launches world’s first dance-powered app to support nightlife Industry

With thousands of nightclubs currently closed across the world, Desperados is calling on partygoers around the world to unite in support of the clubs they love with the launch of their Rave to Save app. People are invited to join a series of eight virtual parties that go beyond the obvious, where their dance moves at home will be turned into cash for clubs across Europe. For every 1,000 steps taken by partygoers on the Rave to Save app, €1 will be donated to support the clubs.

5. Colgate is a cool Mom with iridescent new toothpaste line for Gen-Z

The brand launched CO. by Colgate, a new oral care collection aimed at Gen Z. Using the empowering, self-care language that has come to dominate beauty marketing, the new collection is described as one that “transforms the simple act of brushing your teeth into a ritual for feeling good.” The range features toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth rinse, teeth whitener, and toothpaste tabs.

6. Watch: Behind Singapore’s Twitch taxi livestreams that aim to inspire future travel

With the pandemic scare continuing in many countries and the borders still being closed, tourism has been impacted severely last year. While countries are grappling with it, Singapore Tourism Board has launched a unique initiative ‘Singapore by Stream’ for potential tourists to explore the magic of Singapore, albeit virtually, via live stream taxi tours on Twitch.

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