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Earn with TikTok Trivia, use AI in Roblox, stay with Hilton for 10 minutes, welcome back the OG IG, and pay $15 monthly for a blue tick! 


1. TikTok launches Live-Stream trivia

TikTok launches Live-Stream trivia

TikTok is testing another way to maximise engagement with a new TikTok Live trivia series that will give users a chance to win money in the app. TikTok Trivia will run for five days, beginning February 22nd, and will be presented in partnership with Lionsgate, in support of the new movie ‘John Wick Chapter 4’. (Via Social Media Today)

2. Roblox integrates generative AI

Roblox integrates generative AI

Roblox is developing its own AI to help every Roblox user become a creator on the platform, not just those comfortable with Roblox Studio and other 3D content creation tools. The creative help will ensure users can create a new shirt, hat, an entire avatar; a house or even an entire experience – all from within another experience. (Via Roblox)

3. Would you watch a 10-minute TikTok? 

@hilton Unexpected & amazing things can happen when you stay, and we want you to stay with us for 10 minutes. Yup, we made a 10-minute TikTok AND we’re giving away 10M Hilton Honors Points + more. #HiltonStayFor10 #HiltonForTheStay ♬ Hilton’s 10-Minute Stay – Hilton

Hilton, with the help of Paris Hilton, has created a 10-minute TikTok. The ad encouraged viewers to stay with them for 10 minutes to be in with the chance of winning 10M Hilton Honours points and more.  (Via TikTok)

4. Reels views are on the decline

Reels views are on the decline

Since the rise of TikTok, Instagram has been attempting to rebrand itself as a video platform, but it seems to be doubling back on itself. Reels on brand social accounts have been performing worse, generating 20% fewer views in some cases, while photo performance has generally improved. Is this the long-awaited return to the OG Instagram? (Via AdWeek)

5. Buy your Instagram verification for $12 a month

Buy your Instagram verification for $12 a month

Meta is testing paid verification for Instagram and Facebook for $11.99 per month on web and $14.99 per month on mobile. Meta Verified will grant users a verified badge, increased visibility on the platforms, prioritised customer support, and more. It’s rolling out to Australia and New Zealand this week and will arrive in more countries “soon.” (Via The Verge)

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