Weekly Marketing News, 23rd September 2022

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The Twitch vs Creator feud ramps up, YouTube monetises Shorts, Facebook goes for Discord, TikTok expands BookTok, gaming grows on Twitter, and BOSS livestreams its FW22 show.

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1. Twitch vs Creator feud continues

Twitch vs Creator feud continues

Twitch is reducing how much money it shares with some of the biggest streamers on the platform. Most partnered streamers receive a 50 / 50 revenue share on subscriptions to their channel but Twitch offers bigger streamers a 70 / 30 revenue split, and that split is what’s going to change. Under the new policy, streamers with premium terms will keep 70 percent of their subscription revenue on the first $100,000 earned. But after that, the share will go down to a 50 / 50 split. (Via The Verge)

2. YouTube wants to monetise Shorts

YouTube wants to monetise Shorts

YouTube is looking to directly monetise Shorts, which could result in a big blow for TikTok. The new monetisation option would provide a clearer pathway for short-form content creators to make money purely for their clips. In conjunction with this, YouTube is reportedly lowering the requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program, helping creators earn faster through ads. (Via Social Media Today)

3. Facebook and Messenger go for Discord

Facebook and Messenger go for Discord

Facebook is expanding user access to its Community Chats, which allows group organisers to create live Messenger chat groups—similar to Discord servers. Users can browse chats organised by announcements, topics, events, and more to connect with group members beyond just feed posts and comments. (Via The Verge)

4. TikTok lets users tag books

@kimmybookss a new booktok feature is on the horizon!! #foryou #fyp #booktok #bookish #reading #bookclub #bookishthoughts #tbr #reader #greenscreenvideo ♬ the perfect pair – beabadoobee

Leaning into the incredibly popular BookTok community, TikTok has partnered with Penguin Random House to allow users to tag books within their TikTok clips. Within the creation flow, users can add a link to a book, search for the book by title, and connect said book to their TikTok. (Via Social Media Today)

5.  The evolving gaming discussion on Twitter

The evolving gaming discussion on Twitter

Twitter has revealed new insights into gaming discussions on the platform. In the first half of 2022, Twitter says there were 1.5 billion tweets about gaming worldwide, a 36% increase in the topic compared to 2021, which had already seen record levels of gaming-related activity. (Via Twitter)


6. BOSS continues social-first strategy    


Last night, BOSS live-streamed its Fall/Winter 2022 collection on TikTok Live—a further push in its digital-first revamp. As part of Milan Fashion Week, BOSS used talent from its #BeYourOwnBoss campaign to walk the catwalk, while also promoting items shown using TikTok Shop. 

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