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Instagram tests paid subscriptions, synthetic media is on the rise, the ASA names and shames, Twitter manifests dreams and Netflix partners with CALM. 

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1. Instagram is testing paid subscriptions

instagram test paid promotion

Instagram users in the US will be able to subscribe to a small number of creators to access exclusive content and features. Instagram has announced it is testing subscriptions, with more creators to be added in the coming weeks. Fans will pay a monthly fee to access subscriber-only content and will have a purple badge by their username that shows the creator their subscriber status. Price tiers will range from $0.99 to $99.99 per month, and creators can select the price point for their subscriptions. (Via The Verge)


2. The rise of Synthetic Media 

The rise of Synthetic Media

Synthetic media is signalling a new chapter for influencer marketing. For brands and creators, AI generated avatars are bringing exciting new opportunities. From recreating famous footballers to speak nine languages, to creating a completely new virtual influencer that perfectly represents a brand’s personality, synthetic media allows brands to tap into the social currency of an established character or celebrity. (Via Facebook

3. Meta’s “ethical framework” for virtual influencers

Meta’s “ethical framework” for virtual influencers

Meta is home to hundreds of virtual influencers, many of whom boast huge follower counts and verification on Instagram. With the Metaverse shift on its way, Meta has begun pulling together an ethical framework for how brands can apply virtual influencers. While virtual influencers present brands with countless opportunities, there are potential threats. The framework will set clear guidelines to inform as to what’s real and what’s not, and how such creations can be used in their apps. (Via Social Media Today


4. ASA targets rogue influencers on Instagram 

ASA targets rogue influencers on Instagram

Last year the ASA set up a dedicated webpage that listed influencers who, despite warnings either repeatedly failed to disclose when their social media posts were, in fact, ads or failed to provide assurances that they would do so in future. Now, the ASA is using Instagram ads to further name-and-shame influencers who are still failing to follow the rules. (Via Hashtagad)


5. Twitter’s manifesting ad campaign 

Twitter’s manifesting ad campaign

Twitter is celebrating dreams manifesting into reality by launching a campaign featuring 12 athletes and celebrities—including Patrick Mahomes, Bubba Wallace, Megan Thee Stallion, and Issa Rae—whose original tweets predicting greatness will be plastered on more than three dozen billboards in cities across the US and Canada. (Via Boardroom)

6. Netflix donates benches to local councils

Netflix donates benches to local councils

To mark the third season of After Life, Netflix has collaborated with mental health charity CALM to donate benches to local councils around the UK. The benches feature QR codes leading to online resources and a message of support and are inscribed with a quote from the third season: “Hope is everything”. (Via NME

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