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TikTok rewards creators, Instagram users aren’t happy, YouTube is in a loop, Katy Perry wants Just Eat and Malteasers supports mothers going back to work. 

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1. TikTok “Branded Mission” ad product 

TikTok Branded Mission ad product

TikTok’s new ad product called “Branded Mission” will allow creators to connect with brands and receive rewards for videos. Advertisers can crowdsource content from creators and turn top-performing videos into ads. Advertisers can launch branded campaigns and encourage creators to take part in them. Brands can develop a brief and release it to the creator community encouraging them to participate in Branded Missions. (Via TechCrunch)

2. User’s aren’t happy with Instagram’s immersive feed

@ieucooke Why am I actually welling up #instagram ♬ original sound – ieu

Instagram has begun rolling out its new immersive feed to users, and the response hasn’t been good. In its attempt to mimic TikTok with full-screen posts and even more recommended content from accounts users don’t follow, Instagram has pushed users to share their dislike of the new format on… TikTok. Users in the comment sections were fed up at Instagram’s constant copying of TikTok and claimed the platform wasn’t listening to what users actually wanted. (Via Grazia)

3. Watch and loop YouTube video best-bits 

Watch and loop YouTube video best-bits

YouTube viewers can now loop their favourite YouTube videos to watch them over and over, or skip to a video’s most popular moments. YouTube will identify big moments by determining the sections of videos that are replayed most often; these will be displayed in graphs that are visible within the video player’s progress bar. Sections that have been watched more frequently will appear as shaded “hills” above the bar. (Via TubeFilter)


4. Katy Perry’s Just Eat jingle

Katy Perry has replaced Snoop Dogg with her new rendition of Just Eat’s “Did Somebody Say” jingle. The food delivery app’s new brand platform celebrates the excitement that comes when the idea of ordering food is suggested. The VP of global brand at Just Eat said, “Katy Perry brings unparalleled star power and her playful nature matches ours to a tee. It’s the perfect partnership to continue building the instinctive connection between Just Eat and the joy of food delivery.” (Via Ad Week)

5. Maltesers supports maternal mental health  

Maltesers supports maternal mental health

Maltesers has launched #TheMaternityReturn with partners Channel 4 and Buzzfeed, Inc as part of a social campaign looking at the importance of support when returning to the workplace after maternity leave. As a continuation of the campaigns created last year by AMV BBDO #TheMassiveOvershare and #LoveBeatsLikes, #TheMaternityReturn is the third instalment in a series of campaigns from Maltesers as part of its multi-year partnership with charity partner Comic Relief. (Via LBBOnline)

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