Weekly Marketing News, 20th April 2022

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TikTok’s Effect House, Whatsapp Communities, Meta’s AR wearables, LEGO and Sony crack the metaverse, and Persil pranks gamers.

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1. TikTok launches AR Effect House

TikTok has built its own augmented reality (AR) development platform called Effect House, which allows creators to build AR effects for use in TikTok’s video app. The launch will put TikTok in closer competition with Snap and Meta, both of which already offer tools that allow developers to build AR experiences and effects for their own respective applications. (Via TechCrunch

 2. Whatsapp announces “Communities”

WhatsApp has announced a Communities feature, which is designed to provide additional functionality for your group chats in the app, and includes a range of new features including file sharing, emoji reactions, group audio calls and more. Each WhatsApp Community will include a description of what the Community is for, as well as a menu of sub-groups within that Community that members can choose to join. (Via Social Media Today)


3. Meta’s AR wearables and the metaverse  

As part of its metaverse plan, Meta is developing its initial AR glasses product, called ‘Project Nazare’, which would work independently from a mobile phone, and use wrist controls to navigate its functions. Meta’s also developing a lower cost variation called ‘Hypernova’ which would be tethered to your mobile device. The first variation of its glasses can be expected in 2024; towards the end of the decade, Meta expects to be selling tens of millions of smart-glasses. (Via Social Media Today)

4. LEGO and Sony invest in kid-friendly metaverse

Sony and Lego have each invested $1 billion into Epic Games, which is putting together the building blocks of its own metaverse, which will focus on reaching younger children. The collaboration has resulted in three key principles that will ensure engaging and safe play: a) protect children’s rights to play by making safety and wellbeing a priority; b) safeguard children’s privacy by putting their best interests first; and c) empower children and adults with tools that give them control over their digital experience. (Via Ad Week)


5. Persil hoaxes gamers with fake trailer

Persil is encouraging young audiences to touch grass in a new campaign via an elaborate hoax with top gaming influencers. Using the language of game trailers and the hype that surrounds the announcement of a new game, the campaign relied on the creation of a fake game trailer for the real-life game Tag. Fake marketing material was sent out to six influencers, with a combined reach of 10.2 million across platforms including Twitch. (Via The Drum)

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