Weekly Marketing News, 19th March 2021

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This week we’ve seen TikTok launch a new ad library, Instagram introduce new messaging policies, Clubhouse announce a creator platform, Pizza Hut play Pac-Man and Malteasers overshare.

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1. TikTok launches new ads library, enabling you to find the best performing ads in a range of categories

TikTok has launched a new Ad Library tool, currently called ‘Top Ads’, which enables you to search for the best performing TikTok ad campaigns, by vertical and region, in order to get inspiration from their approach.

2. Instagram will no longer let adults message teens who don’t follow them

Instagram is introducing new policies limiting interactions between teenagers and adults to make its platform safer for young users. The app has banned adults from direct messaging teenagers who don’t follow them and is introducing “safety prompts” that will be shown to teens when they DM adults who have been “exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior.”

3. Clubhouse announces accelerator program for creators on its platform

CEO Paul Davison announced the voice-chat app’s first creators program. Clubhouse Creator First will help aspiring hosts and creators on the platform build their audiences, connect with brands, and perhaps most importantly, monetize their shows. The accelerator will accept 20 creators, and Clubhouse is taking applications through March 31st.


4. This Pizza Hut box lets you play Pac-Man in AR

Pizza Hut is bringing the thrill of arcade gaming to its pizza box with a playable AR version of Pac-Man on limited-edition boxes, as part of a campaign to elicit nostalgia. The limited-edition boxes feature QR codes that let you start an AR game of Pac-Man which can be played on the maze printed on the box itself.

5. Maltesers campaign ‘The Massive Overshare’ show honest realities of motherhood in support of mums’ mental health

This Mother’s Day, Malteasers wanted to help set free the feelings, worries, and truths that mums usually keep hidden. All to normalise the conversation around maternal mental health.

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