Weekly Marketing News, 19th February 2021

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This week we’ve seen Instagram multi-participant livestreams, TikTok’s LIVE replay and ‘Seller University’, Fortnite hosts a film festival, Clubhouse’s future is dependent on data and BTS’ Samsung becomes a fan favourite.

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1. Instagram plans to launch multi-participant livestreams later this month

While audio live-streaming is having its moment, Instagram is still catching up on the last big live-streaming trend, with Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri revealing that that company is planning to launch multi-participant IG Live video chats within the next few weeks.

2. TikTok adds LIVE Replay feature, allowing creators to rewatch and download their own livestreams

TikTok has introduced a new LIVE Replay feature, allowing content creators to replay their livestreams and download them 90 days after first airing. Under a dedicated LIVE Replay menu, TikTok stores both streams as well as downloaded content. This allows users to look back on proud moments, learn from their past mistakes, or even single out highlights that can be cropped and posted on a later date.

3. TikTok launches new ‘Seller University’ as it looks to expand its eCommerce push

TikTok is working quickly to provide more monetization options for creators, with new eCommerce and in-stream selling tools that users will eventually be able to incorporate into their profiles, videos and live-streams. The latest development on this front is a new education portal called TikTok Shop: Seller University, which TikTok is currently testing in Indonesia.


4. Watch: Fortnite is hosting a film festival on the party royale island

Fortnite’s violence-free mode, party royale, will soon be the home of a short film festival. Developer Epic announced “Short Nite,” which will feature multiple animated shorts, all broadcast on the virtual island’s big screen.


5. Clubhouse’s future depends on data – how to build a TikTok like algorithm

The future success of “drop-in audio app” Clubhouse depends on how it can help users find content and enable engagement. The answer is “through the use of user data,” but it might not be as easy.


6. Watch: BTS’s latest appearance had 57m people watching a phone ad

Tech giants sometimes team up with pop acts in order to reach a younger audience. Samsung is the master of this, as it is currently capitalizing on the success of the viral Korean act BTS. It’s the perfect match as BTS draws in new viewers for Samsung, and vice versa.

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