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TikTok launches BeReal clone and US shopping, Meta hosts Biggie concert, Instagram tests new music, Pewdiepie is dethroned, and Coors has a new nail polish. 

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1. TikTok finally launches TikTok Now in-app

TikTok finally launches TikTok Now in-app

TikTok has officially launched its BeReal clone in-app. The new feature has taken over the “Friends” tab in the function bar, as well as being promoted in the For You Page. Users have three minutes to share a front and back camera picture or video of what they are doing once the notification is received. (Via The Tab)

2. TikTok launches US shops 

TikTok launches US shops

TikTok has launched its first US shops as part of its larger US ecommerce push. The launch of shops with selected US brands is the latest of several steps that TikTok’s taking to make in-stream shopping a bigger focus. TikTok has also been working to highlight shopping live-streams to boost commerce engagement. (Via Social Media Today)

3. Meta to host VR Notorious BIG concert

Meta to host VR Notorious BIG concert

Meta will be hosting a Notorious B.I.G concert in its VR Horizon Worlds. The Notorious B.I.G. Sky’s The Limit: A VR Concert Experience will stream on 16 December, with an accompanying 2D stream on the late rapper’s Facebook page. (Via Musically)

4. Instagram tests music on static photos

Instagram tests music on static photos

Instagram has added the capacity to add music to still image posts. A new ‘Add Music’ option has been added to the post composer flow, where you can search for a track to add to your photo post. You can choose a segment of between 5 and 90 seconds of the song to use, providing additional context and/or atmospheric elements to your post. (Via Social Media Today)


5. MrBeast dethrones Pewdiepie 

MrBeast dethrones Pewdiepie 

MrBeast has ended Pewdiepie’s reign as the most-subscribed YouTuber. Felix Kjellberg, AKA Pewdiepie, has been YouTube’s reigning king for over 10 years, but lost his crown to Jimmy Donaldson on November 14. (Via Mashable)


6. Test beer temperature with Coors Light’s nail polish

Test beer temperature with Coors Light’s nail polish

Coors Light has released Chill Polish, a branded, colour-changing nail polish that turns from slate grey to Coors Light Blue at a certain temperature—similar to how the mountains on Coors Light cans turn from grey to blue when the beer reaches what the brand says is the ideal drinking temperature. (Via Marketing Dive)

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