Weekly Marketing News, 16th July 2021

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This week we’ve seen a TikTok pop-up store, Jackie Weaver gets zombified, Instagram tests new comment limits, the ‘photo dump’ trend, giant Burberry bag on The Thames and Saudi Telecom hires ‘Content Creating Camel !

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  1. TikTok is opening a pop-up store in West LondonTiktok News - Socially PowerfulTikTok will host an immersive pop-up store concept for creators and platform enthusiasts to experience in Westfield Shopping Centre in London. The #ForYou experience and creator space is a 4,000 square-foot pop-up store, distributed over two floors and 4 themed rooms and will provide a physical space where visitors can get close to the brand, immerse themselves in its trends, participate in workshops, and compete in creating unique content.
  2. Instagram tests new comment ‘Limits’ to help reduce the impact of targeted abuse by groups

Instagram is rolling out a new option to combat on-platform abuse, this time focused on limiting actions from groups of users, as opposed to muting or restricting individual profiles. Some Instagram users are now seeing a new ‘Limits’ option within their Privacy settings, which enables you to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages from selected groups.


3. Everyone you love is doing it: How the ‘photo dump’ took over Instagram

Instagram Trends - Socially Powerful

The pandemic made people appreciate the small things in life, and even that had to be shared. Now those moments live on Instagram as a new kind of slideshow – a carousel post of random pictures tied together by one nonchalant caption. During quarantine — when no one had any Instagram-worthy events to attend or dress up for — photo dumps became especially popular.


4. Internet sensation Jackie Weaver gets zombified for Disney+ Campaign

Disney + has turned the internet sensation Jackie Weaver into a zombie to launch the arrival of all 10 seasons of the popular TV show The Walking Dead. Jackie Weaver went viral late last year when she shut down squabbling Handforth Council members during a video Council Parish meeting. With Disney’s help, she’s putting an end to the endless meetings by unveiling her horrifying new look as part of the ‘working dead’ stand in service.

5. A giant Burberry bag has been spotted on the Thames

Giant Burberry Bag

It’s not every day that you see a giant Burberry handbag sailing along the River Thames on a float. But on June 25, that’s exactly what was spotted by a group of unwitting passers by, as they walked across London’s Tower Bridge.

6. Saudi Telecom hires ‘Content Creating Camel’ to take photos in unseen deserts

Content Creating Camel - Socially Powerful

On Mars, there’s the Perseverance rover. Saudi Arabia’s equivalent is Sarha the camel, snapping photos in places no human has ever stepped foot on. As Saudi Arabia welcomes tourism for the first time, Saudi Telecom hopes to convey the scope of its coverage by enlisting the world’s first “content creating camel” to test it out.

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