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UK MPs rethink online safety bill, ads in Tweet replies, influencers hiding #ad, Heinz tomato blood, has Coke’s ‘Real Magic’ ad missed the mark?

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1. Twitter tests ads in Tweet replies, which could provide new opportunities for brands and creators

Twitter’s looking to expand its ad inventory with a new placement option—within the reply threads of tweets. The option could essentially facilitate direct monetisation of tweets, with the tweet creator able to opt-in to these ads, then get a cut of the resulting revenue.


2. UK online safety bill could set tone for global social media regulation

UK online safety bill

Even before the arrival of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, social media companies were feeling the heat from regulators and politicians. It is white-hot now as MPs toughen up the draft online safety bill, a landmark piece of legislation that could set the tone for social media regulation around the world. The bill imposes a duty of care on these companies to protect their users from harmful content and the communications regulator, Ofcom, will be tasked with overseeing compliance.

3. 76% of Instagram influencers hide advertisement disclosure in their posts

76% of Instagram influencers hide advertisement

According to research by Awin.com, more than three quarters of influencer adverts on Instagram have the disclosure hidden somewhere in the post, whether that be in the middle, at the end or in a comment. According to the ASA, influencer marketing labels “must be prominent enough that consumers will easily notice it”, and that “burying a label in a list of hashtags…or placing it ‘under the fold’ where consumers would need to click ‘see more’…won’t be sufficient”.

4. Has Coke’s Real Magic ad ‘set the brand back years with the gaming community?’

Coke’s Real Magic ad

With great fanfare, Coca-Cola unveiled its brand new global platform two weeks ago. ‘Real Magic’, and its debut ad, were meant to attract Gen Z and gamers to the world’s leading soft drink. But while general market research shows a favorable response to the Coke ad, some within the gaming community are calling the spot ‘inauthentic’, ‘tone deaf’ or worse. 


5. WATCH: Heinz dresses up ketchup as ‘Tomato Blood’ for Halloween effort hawking costume kits

Heinz is promoting its signature condiment’s use as fake blood for Halloween festivities through new merchandise and limited-run Tomato Blood Ketchup packaging available at HeinzHalloween.com. Heinz is hopping on seasonal trends with a creative effort that recognizes its ketchup brand’s long-standing application as fake blood for Halloween costumes and decorations.

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