Weekly Marketing News, 14th January 2022

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Instagram lets users edit their grids, LinkedIn launches audio events, Discord is more popular than ever, eBay launches a football charity campaign, and Taco Bell offers daily tacos for just $10 a month. 

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1. Instagram’s test an “Edit Grid” option

Instagram's test an “Edit Grid” option

Instagram is testing a new option that would allow users to re-arrange their profile photo grid, changing the positioning of previously posted images into any order of their choice. The new ‘Edit Grid’ option would be displayed in your profile settings, allowing users to edit their profile gallery as they choose, regardless of when each was posted. (Via SocialMediaToday)

2. LinkedIn to launch audio events

LinkedIn to launch audio events

LinkedIn will be launching its own audio events later this month. With LinkedIn Live broadcasts, the platform offers users new interactive event experiences that allow members to participate in live conversations. Users can join speakers “on stage” and make connections with others in virtually attending the event. Users will be able to continue making connections with others at the Live event even after the event ends. (Via TechCrunch)

3. How Discord became a social hub

How Discord became a social hub

Discord has evolved from an obscure game to become one of the most used social hubs amongst young people. Initially popular with gamers, the platform exploded in popularity during the pandemic. The platform has more than 150 million active users each month—up from 56 million in 2019—with nearly 80 percent logging in from outside North America. It has expanded from gamers to music aficionados, students and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. (Via NY Times)


4. eBay “Dream Transfer” campaign raises funds for football charity

eBay “Dream Transfer” campaign raises funds for football charity

eBay UK is supporting Football Beyond Borders this transfer season, giving any Sunday League team the chance to sign a football legend for £5 to play in one special match. The money will go to the charity, which will also feature at checkout for eBay customers until 30 January, to boost donations. With its Dream Transfer raffle, eBay is bringing retired legends Roberto Carlos and Eni Aluko back to the football field in support of the cause. (Via UKFundraising

5. $10 monthly Taco Bell subscription

$10 monthly Taco Bell subscription

Taco Bell is rolling out the tastiest subscription service yet: daily tacos. For $10 a month, Taco Bell customers can receive one taco per day for 30 consecutive days. The national program, called Taco Lover’s Pass, is available to purchase now for members of its rewards program and those who have downloaded the Taco Bell app. Once a customer subscribes to it, a special section within the app is unlocked and customers can add a taco to their cart during the checkout process. (Via Edition)

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