Weekly Marketing News, 12th March 2021

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This week we’ve seen Twitch test a scoring system, memes on sale, YouTubers create their own websites, Tesla’s own social platform and Twitter reinvent itself.

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1. Twitch might be testing a streamer scoring system to facilitate ad sales

Twitch appears to be toying with a program called the ‘Brand Safety Score’ that automatically rates streamers based on a handful of factors—including age, suspension history and partnership status—in order to pair them with advertisers.


2. Memes for sale as NFTs (crypto art)

The creator of the Nyan Cat, Chris Torres, has organized an informal collection of meme originators—the creators or original popularizers of meme images—into a two-week-long auction of their works. Memes like Bad Luck Brian, Coughing Cat, Kitty Cat Dance, Scumbag Steve, Twerky Pepe are being mostly being auctioned on booming new crypto art and collectibles platform Foundation, which launched in February and has already hosted $6 million in sales of over 1,000 NFTs.

3. Why are popular YouTubers building their own sites?

For a long time there have been tensions between those creating content on YouTube and the company providing the platform, ranging from disputes about ad revenue, to copyright problems, and even rows about the way videos are recommended to people. Many successful YouTubers are now sizable companies in their own right, and are seeking to safeguard their futures by building YouTube alternatives, like Floatplane.


4. Tesla launches a social platform and is closing its forums

Tesla has launched a new social platform on its website geared at letting owners and fans of the brand “[t]ake actions on behalf of Tesla and the movement for cleaner energy.” The new microsite—called the “Tesla Engagement Platform” appears to be replacing Tesla’s long-standing forums section of its website, which was unmoderated and led to constant problems with spam and trolls.


5. Twitter is reinventing itself – Interview with Kayvon Beykpour, Head of Consumer Product

Twitter recently announced that it’s going to be building a lot of new things including Twitter Spaces (a live audio feature similar to Clubhouse), Twitter Fleets (Stories), a newsletter product similar to Substack and Super Follows (which will let people pay creators on Twitter for special content).

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