Weekly Marketing News, 11th November 2022

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Twitter’s verification scrapple continues, TikTok secretly ranks creators, Mastodon is coming for Twitter users, LoL sets new records, and you can now make your fave creators say whatever you like. 

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1. Twitter’s verification does a disappearing act

Twitter’s verification does a disappearing act

Twitter verification is the talk of the town. Over the past few days, the verification on Twitter has changed. Not only do users now have to pay an $8 Twitter Blue subscription for the blue tick, but we briefly had the addition of a secondary grey verification to confirm someone’s official account (so… the original verification?), but this had a very short shelf life of less than 24 hours before it was “killed” by Elon. (Via The Verge)

2. TikTok secretly scores creators.

TikTok secretly scores creators

TikTok quietly launched “scores” for influences, ranking content creators on factors such as enthusiasm and their willingness to promote products. Internal documents show that TikTok discussed plans to provide these social media credit scores to its business partners under strict secrecy. (Via Gizmodo)

3. Is Mastodon the new Twitter?

Mastodon the new Twitter

Following the Twitter fallout, users are flocking to Mastodon. Mastodon is a series of servers that converge to make the Fediverse. Each server has its own set of rules and is run by their creators. Users can create Toots (AKA a Tweet but with 500 characters), and be verified for free. (Via The Guardian)


4. World Championship sets record views

World Championship sets record views

The  League of Legends World Championship has set a new esports record with 5.1 million concurrent viewers—that’s a number comparable to the Super Bowl. Community casting appeared at the finals for the first time in major international LoL events, which was why Worlds 2022 set a new absolute record of the discipline in terms of audience and showed one of the highest results in all esports. (Via ESCharts)


5. Dr. Disrespect creates Bonfire.TV

Dr. Disrespect creates Bonfire.TV

Creator Dr Disrespect has created a tool allowing content creators to develop an avatar with a lifelike AI replica of their voice. It’s a similar concept to voice filters on TikTok, but fans can use their favourite creators to create voice memos. (Via Bonfire.TV)

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