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TikTok events for Fashion Month and VMAs, Asda switches slogan, Twitter tests edge-to-edge tweets, TikTok overtakes YouTube, Vans creates skateboarding metaverse and Billie Eilish’s Disney+ film.

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1. TikTok announces events and additions for Fashion Month

Tiktok Fashion Month

TikTok has today announced a new #TikTokFashionMonth program, which will highlight a range of fashion influencers in the app, and see the platform host various live streams and events. TikTok has anointed ten of its most prominent fashion influencers as ‘Fashion & Beauty Frontrunners’ who will help to showcase the latest trends and content to their audiences.

2. Twitter is testing big ol’ full-width photos and videos

Twitter is testing big ol’ full-width photos and videos

Twitter is exploring ways to build a more visually immersive experience with its latest test, which brings edge-to-edge tweets to the app on iOS. In the current test, tweets fill the full frame from left to right instead of being offset by a large margin on the left. Twitter says that it wants to encourage users to have conversations across photos and videos, rather than focusing solely on text like the platform traditionally has.

3. TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK

TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK

App users in the UK and US are spending more time on TikTok than on YouTube, a new report suggests. Data from app monitoring firm App Annie indicates that average time per user spent on the apps is higher for TikTok, indicating high levels of engagement. However, YouTube retains the top spot for overall time spent – not per user – as it has many more users overall.

4. TikTok teams up with MTV for new ‘Trending: VMA’ Awards

TikTok teams up with MTV for new Trending

TikTok is looking to further solidify its broader cultural presence by linking up with MTVs VMAs to launch a new, dedicated set of awards that will be voted on by TikTok users exclusively. The new TikTok ‘Trending: VMA’ awards will aim to celebrate the creators and artists driving music trends and culture: “Beginning today, fans can vote for their favourites in categories like Best Breakthrough Song, Best Audio Mashup, and Best Artist x Creator Collab exclusively on TikTok.”


5. WATCH: Asda switches slogans to focus on wider brand experience

The supermarket is ditching its ‘That’s Asda Price’ tagline a year on from its launch to show how it “makes a difference” to customers’ daily lives. ‘Get the Price Feeling’ describes how Asda can help to make a difference to customers, communities and colleagues every day. The campaign’s release in September is designed to tap into the period when customers typically settle back into a routine post-summer holidays and start thinking about the festive season.


6. WATCH: Roblox opens a metaverse playground for Vans shoe fans

Roblox announced the launch of Vans World, an interactive Vans skateboarding metaverse playground inside the gaming world. Inspired by the brand’s locations such as House of Vans and other skate parks, Vans World is a persistent 3D space where fans can practice their ollies and kickflips with friends.


7. WATCH: Billie Eilish sends love letter to LA in Disney+ film

LA native and seven-time Grammy award-winning pop star Billie Eilish has delighted fans with a new concert experience Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, which is exclusive to Disney+ subscribers. The special takes viewers on a dreamlike journey through Eilish’s hometown in all its glory and features intimate performances of every song from the singer’s new album Happier Than Ever. 

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