Weekly Marketing News, 10th October 2022

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New Instagram ads and links, Twitter goes TikTok, Kim K gets charged, and Just Eat’s new deli-VAR-y. 

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1. Instagram to run ads on Explore and Profile feeds

Instagram to run ads on Explore and Profile feeds

Meta is increasing its ad load on Instagram with the launch of two new ad slots. Amid a slew of product updates for advertisers, including a music catalogue for advertisers and a new ad format for Facebook Reels, the company said it will now allow advertisers to run ads on the Explore home page and in profile feeds. (via TechCrunch)

2. Instagram expands test of multiple ‘links in bios’

Instagram expands test of multiple 'links in bios'

Instagram has expanded access to a new option which enables some creators to add multiple links to their IG bio, as a means to help expand their business-building potential in the app. The idea is seemingly to negate the value of third-party tools like Linktree, providing a more direct, native option to facilitate the same. (via Social Media Today)

3. Twitter is adding a Tik-Tok-style scrolling feed of videos to the Explore tab.


Twitter is joining the bandwagon of social media companies copying TikTok’s everlasting scroll of videos by launching an “immersive media viewer.” Tapping on the video player will make the video full screen, and if you scroll up, you’ll “start browsing more engaging video content.” Twitter is also adding a video carousel to its Explore tab as well as now letting users combine photos, videos, and GIFs in one tweet (via The Verge)


4. Kim Kardashian pays $1.26 million after being charged with illegally promoting crypto scheme.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with unlawfully promoting a crypto investment scheme on Instagram. The SEC says Kardashian failed to disclose the fact that she was paid $250,000 to promote EthereumMax tokens last June. Federal guidelines on influencer marketing recommend a more aggressive disclosure for Instagram Stories, advising users to “superimpose the disclosure over the picture and make sure viewers have enough time to notice and read it.” (via The Verge)


5. Just Eat launch ‘Deli-VAR-y’ service for gamers to combat sweaty goals and FIFA bugs

Just Eat launch 'Deli-VAR-y' service for gamers to combat sweaty goals and FIFA bugs

To coincide with the launch of FIFA 23, Just Eat have teamed up with former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg and YouTubers Chunkz and Darkest Man to launch a new ‘Deli-VAR-y’ service for gamers. The panel will review video clips of glitchy gameplay and compensate victims with a free meal on Just Eat. (via Esports News)

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