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Viewers get de-influenced, Instagram expands gifting, TikTok is stealing your data, creators take over the Super Bowl, and you can’t have your Muff and drink it. 


1. TikTok creators de-influence audiences 

TikTok creators de-influence audiences 

After years of influencing purchasing behaviour, TikTok creators are now telling you what not to buy. Dubbed “deinfluencing”, the hashtag on TikTok has over 127.8M views, and primarily consists of videos regarding beauty and skincare products. (Via Glossy)

2. Instagram expands access to Reels gifting

Instagram expands access to Reels gifting

Instagram is expanding access to its Reels monetisation feature, Gifts. The feature allows fans to give creators monetary support with a virtual gift. The gifts are purchased in the Instagram app using the virtual currency Stars and can cost anywhere from just 10 stars to several hundred stars. (Via TechCrunch)

3. Delete TikTok or have your data exposed!!

Alicia Kearns, a Conservative MP, urges Brits to delete TikTok or risk their personal data being exposed in ‘hostile’ threats. She claims TikTok is the “ultimate data source” for those with bad intentions, and Britons shouldn’t be so naive and blase about having the app on their phones. (Via Sky News)

4. Creators are coming for Super Bowl advertising 

Creators are coming for Super Bowl advertising

In the US, brands aren’t afraid to splurge on Super Bowl ads. While many fork out the cash for celebrity appearances—we’re talking Elton John, and Serena Williams—this year, many brands have decided to buy into the creator economy to get users engaged. (Via AdWeek)

Work We (Don’t) Like

5. Laura Whitmore’s Muff Liquor advert gets banned

Laura Whitmore's Muff Liquor advert gets banned

TikTok and Instagram posts by Laura Whitmore have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following complaints they ‘targeted minors and encouraged irresponsible drinking’. The posts for The Muff Liquor Company, a gin and vodka brand, were not clearly marked as adverts and implied that alcohol can increase confidence. (Via Daily Mail)

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