Top Tips to Build Social Media Presence in 2022

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In today’s digitally-inclined world, having a social media presence is a necessity for brands. Throughout 2020, consumers became more active and reliant on social media. They use it to connect with friends, family and brands, to research brands and their values and to seek purchase confirmation from influencers. Building a social media presence is necessary for businesses of all sizes. Social media is predominantly free and one of the best places to build a loyal and engaged customer community. Brands can engage with, track, influence and analyse their social media followings to ensure their social media marketing efforts are consistently optimised. 

The digital media landscape changes regularly, and the sheer number of social media platforms available can make creating a strong social media presence daunting. To help you build a social media presence for your business, we have compiled our top tips to make the process as easy as possible.

Building a Social Media Presence

Set SMART goals

Before you begin building a social media presence, you need to know why and how you’re doing so. SMART goals have been around for decades and are still one of the most reliable and concise methods to visualize your final social vision.

social media presence

Setting SMART goals means creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-sensitive goals. An example of this is increasing your Twitter response rate by 30% by the end of the first quarter. 

It is specific as you have identified a social channel (Twitter) and a metric (response rate), measurable by using Twitter Analytics, achievable as it is a reasonable increase within a suitable time frame, relevant as it will directly increase your social media presence and time-sensitive as there’s a deadline (end of the first quarter). 

Giving your social media efforts a direct purpose will help you ensure all content you post has meaning and provides value to your audience.

Identify and define your audience

With your SMART goals outlined, you now need to know who you’re targeting. Whether you’re targeting prospective customers, industry leaders or influencers, breaking down your audience and creating customer profiles will help you make purposeful content decisions. 

Knowing your audience will help you: develop your brand voice, know which social media sites to be active on, when and what to post and what information you need to provide in your social profiles. Having, understanding and acting on this information can give you a large competitive advantage and make your social media presence stand out from the crowd.

Humanise your brand

Consumers nowadays are significantly more likely to engage and connect with brands that have their own personality. They want to be able to create a real connection with brands, which doesn’t work if you come across as a faceless corporation.  

There are various ways you can make your brand human. You can partner with influencers and celebrities, use an employee as the face of your brand on social media, or communicate in a tone of voice that is humorous and encourages engagement.

Create a community

Having loads of followers is great, but having followers that actively engage with your brand is even better. Forming relationships with your audiences helps create an online community and a space where like-minded people can share, connect and grow together.

social media presence

Building a social media presence means being social with your followers. Using social media allows you to create relationships with audiences all over the world. To encourage engagement from your followers, you should ask engagement-encouraging questions and regularly respond to their UGC and comments.

Create a content calendar

One of the best ways to build a social media presence is to post content on a regular basis. In order to keep track of what you’ve posted and when you’ve posted it, you should create a content calendar. 

Keeping track of everything you have posted on every platform you’re on is a big task. By keeping a calendar, you can make sure you’re posting relevant, valuable and engaging content for your audiences to consume. This allows you to post new content and avoid repeating the same type of content over and over again. 

A content calendar also allows you to more easily analyse the results of your social media efforts. You can figure out which posts perform the best and at what time—information you can use to further optimize your social media efforts.

Stay culturally relevant

Building a social media presence doesn’t require solely posting content about your brand. Posting content relating to breaking news, trending hashtags or popular meme content can increase your brands relevancy. It shows consumers that you are able to keep up with what’s popular, meaning you’ll likely be able to provide them with the products or services they want.

Posting content around an existing trend also helps show your brand’s personality—something we have already discussed as being vital to building a social media presence. Getting involved in memes or hashtags generally results in a higher response rate from your audience.

Pay for social ads

While it is possible to build a strong social media presence for free, a great way to build mass brand awareness is to pay for ad space on social media platforms. Each platform has its own algorithms and business features that help brands create their own ads or influencer partnerships. 

Social ads and influencer marketing both guarantee an incredibly high ROI. By tapping into hyper-engaged influencer audiences and using targeted social ads, you can increase awareness, conversions and sales easily.

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