Top TikTok LGBTQ + Influencers in the UK

October 26th, 2020 by

TikTok in the United Kingdom has quickly become the ultimate platform for LGBTQ+ creators, mainly because of its young (and woke) audience. Like all other social media platforms, the top LGBTQ+ influencer channels in the UK have quickly grown their own audience and fanbase and the best influencers in the UK have become that of a celebrity. 

Since it has been a challenge to receive appropriate LGBTQ+ representation in traditional media sources, YouTube was the initial platform that really allowed creators to create content that felt relevant and taught others about the community. However, TikTok has become a worldwide success and was even the most downloaded app in January 2019. TikTok marketing in the UK allows users to tune into content and take it with them on the go, compared to YouTube where curating content is usually a longer process. Since TikTok is a new concept, it’s content is more personal than most YouTube content. 

The #LBGT hashtag alone on TikTok has 5B views. The shorter videos range from more serious topics like the fear of coming out, to sharing funny inside jokes about different shared experiences. The rise of content on TikTok has also helped the community find support massively. The sense of community that has come with TikTok and LGBTQ+ has also opened up a new kind of understanding for brands. 

This has resulted in a new rise of diversity through different industry’s content, as the modern consumer wants to feel represented by the brands that they support. Not to mention that the LGBTQ+ community has always influenced the creative world through many fashion and other artistic movements. As a UK-based influencer agency, we think this makes for the perfect component to any social media marketing strategy. Since there are so many talented creators on TikTok making informative content, we decided to list 5 of the best TikTok LGBTQ+ influencers in the UK to help inform your social media marketing strategy. 

1. Chella Man 

Not only is Chella the first deaf, trans model to sign with major modelling agency IMG, but he uses his TikTok and YouTube Channels to teach sign language. With almost 40,000 followers on the app and over 2M views, Chella is the perfect influencer to represent inclusivity. He spoke in depth about his journey as a trans person at a Tedx talk called ‘Becoming Him’, and continues to share his journey through TikTok and his YouTube Channel.

Chella Man

2. Pabllo Vittar

With combined video views totalling more than 1 billion, Pabllo is the most followed drag queen on social media to date. Not to mention, she was also nominated for a Grammy. With 4.1M followers on the app, Pabllo has also collaborated with other musical acts like Diplo and Major Lazer.

Pabllo Vittar

3. Teddy Edwardes

Teddy Edwardes (who was also featured on Channel 4’s First Dates), is the founder of LICK – a queer women’s night club in London and LICKnMIX, a magazine for queer women by queer women. Her ability to create many safe spaces on and offline for the LGBTQ+ community has led her to be nominated for prestigious Power Lists and grow a following of 66.3K on TikTok.  

Teddy Edwardes

4. Towa Bird

Towabird started as a micro-influencer based in the UK, and now she has a huge following on TikTok of 500.3K. Her videos showcase her guitar skills and musical talent, and she also uses her platform to showcase other artists. Most recently, she held a live stream to promote the work of black artists.

Towa Bird

5. Karinandskylerofficial

Initially finding popularity on YouTube, Karin DeStilo and Skyler Felts have 871K followers on the app. Their ability to document their life as a couple and share authentic videos is what led them to have over half a million subscribers on YouTube. They even have their own hashtag; #K&Sgang.


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