Top Instagram Travel Influencers Every Wanderer Should Follow in 2022

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Instagram is arguably one of the best social media platforms for travel influencers to post their exciting adventures in different locations around the world. From aesthetic photos to Instagram Reels and Highlights, there are endless ways for travel lovers to experience exotic landscapes and famous landmarks without leaving their own homes. Although the global pandemic has restricted travel around the world, Instagram provides millions of photos and videos of life abroad to those who are craving a weekend trip away. In terms of social media marketing, travel influencers are ideal for brands to collaborate with seeing as they inspire millions of people to jet set around the world.

What are travel influencers?

Travel influencers are social media influencers with large online followings. From Instagram influencers to Facebook influencers, those who live to create travel content have a natural affinity for life abroad. They immerse themselves in the language, culture and food of the places that they visit. The best travel influencers also share a variety of photos and videos on their social media profiles for their followers to enjoy. They are also known for taking the unbeaten track by visiting places that are filled with culture and minimal tourists. 

Many travel influencers are also avid YouTube influencers and travel influencers on Facebook who post a variety of travel vlogs and tips to give their community of followers a deeper insight into the realities of travelling the world. From offering advice on the best cities to visit to giving hotel recommendations, it is no surprise that travel influencers are so popular today. 

We have created a list of the top travel influencers on Instagram who inspire their fans to plan their next trip.

Top Instagram travel influencers

1. Damon and Jo


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A post shared by DAMON and JO (@damonandjo)

Instagram followers: 130K 

US-born Damon Dominique and Brazilian-born Joanna Franco are self-proclaimed polyglots devoted to producing top-notch travel content. Although this fun duo has a considerably smaller following than other travel influencers, their carefree personalities and nomad lifestyles make them forces to be reckoned with. They are able to share personal and intimate experiences with those who love exploring different languages and cultures. Some of their most-viewed content includes Instagram Reels explaining how to travel alone and how to travel on a budget. Some of their travels include Mexico, France, Thailand and Kenya.

2. Jay Alvarrez


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A post shared by Omertà ♾ (@jayalvarrez)

Instagram followers: 6.4M

Jay Alvarrez is an American travel influencer on Instagram. He has earned a massive following by showcasing his luxurious travel destinations around the world. During his travels, he often participates in extreme sports such as skydiving, surfing and skating. Jay’s Instagram content is filled with photos of himself in tropical locations such as the beach. He has visited an impressive number of places including Dubai, Egypt, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Jay is also a model and has been featured on the magazine covers of Esquire and GQ.

3. Francesca Murray


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A post shared by Francesca • One Girl One World (@onegrloneworld)

Instagram followers: 47.7K

Francesca Murray is an Afro Latina travel influencer based in Los Angeles. She started documenting her travel back in 2014 with the creation of her blog, One Girl One World. Francesca enjoys exploring new cultures both within the USA and across countries around the world. Her Instagram photos typically feature Francesca against a colourful background. She has visited various locations including Italy, France and Martinique.

4. Murad Osmann


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A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Instagram followers: 3.7M 

Murad Osmann is one of the most followed travel influencers on Instagram. The Russian photographer is best known for his #followmeto project, where he creates aesthetically pleasing photos which feature his wife Natalie guiding him by the hand through different locations. Murad has visited a number of countries including India, Morocco, Taiwan and Greece.

5. Kelsey Heinrichs


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A post shared by Travel & London Life 🇬🇧 (@kelseyinlondon)

Instagram followers: 152K 

Kelsey Heinrichs is an Australian travel influencer based in London. She has a large presence on Instagram thanks to her cool travel destinations and vintage photo filters. She is best known for her travel content which includes visits to countries such as Italy, Spain and the USA. Kelsey often includes detailed captions of her travel around the world, where she writes about her favourite things to do in each city. Kesley is also a co-founder of Creative Gal Gang, an Instagram support group for female influencers based in the UK.

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