Top Instagram Fashion influencers in the UK

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In wake of adapting to the new normal caused by the pandemic, Instagram Fashion Influencers have become a focal point for many brand’s marketing schemes, since social media has never been more popular and more companies are investing in influencer marketing services. Despite most of the world being stuck at home in sweatpants, fashion influencers, LGBTQ influencers and micro influencers managed to continue showcasing different trends throughout the year, resulting in a prediction that advertisers are predicted to spend $2.4 billion on Instagram influencer posts in 2020 alone. 


In fashion, branded content has been on the rise. As most fashion brands migrate to digital, influencer marketing has boomed. This ranges from department stores like John Lewis to niche sustainable fashion brands like THEPANGAIA. Influencer marketing also has endless opportunities for the industry, from branded content and gifted products like shoes, sweaters or jewellery to brand partnerships featuring entire looks from recent collections. Since there is so much to be said about fashion influencers, we’ve used our Influencer and TikTok agency to compile a list of the Best Instagram Fashion Influencers in the UK to keep an eye on. 

1) Danielle Vanier (@daniellevanier) 

Based in London, Danielle Vanier is one of the Top Instagram Fashion Influencers who inspires her audience through content that challenges traditional body stereotypes. Vanier uses her Instagram platform that has 119K followers to post her personal style and discuss different topics in socio-culture that range from social movements to body positivity. The fashion influencer has also been featured on the cover of Glamour magazine, and worked with brands such as ASOS and M&S. 

Danielle Vanie uk tiktok influencer


2) Emily Shak (@emilyshak) 

With over 1M followers on Instagram, Emily Shak is a fashion and lifestyle influencer. She’s collaborated with many leading fashion and beauty brands like Topshop, Juicy Couture and Urban Outfitters. Shak posts content that fuses high end brands with the high street, and also has a YouTube channel with a following of 7.4K. 

Emily Shak (@emilyshak) UK tiktok influencer


3) Jess Hunt (@JessHunt2) 

Founder of refybeauty, the UK influencer and model has 1M followers on Instagram. Hunt has also collaborated with PrettyLittleThing to design her own collection for the retailer. Hunt also has a YouTube channel with 24.1K subscribers. 

Jess Hunt (@JessHunt2) UK titktok influencers


4) Laura Blair (@thelaurablair)

The fashion and beauty influencer has over 100K followers on Instagram and YouTube. Based in London, Blair has collaborated with different fashion and beauty brands to produce sponsored content, from Mango to Amazon. 

Laura Blair (@thelaurablair) UK tiktok influencer


5) Vogue Williams (@voguewilliams) 

English TV presenter, DJ and model Vogue Williams has a following of 836K on Instagram, where she regularly posts her personal style and fashion tips. The fashion influencer also dedicates her platform to posting content for other mothers on social media, with tips ranging from what to pack in your hospital bag to where to buy the best baby clothes. 

Vogue Williams (@voguewilliams) UK tiktok influencer


6) Lisa Aiken (lisa.aiken) 

Former Fashion Director at Net-A-Porter, Lisa Aiken, has a following of 86.3K followers on Instagram. Now, Aiken is the Fashion & Buying Director of Moda Operandi, and regularly promotes the industry’s latest collections and trends through her content. 

Lisa Aiken (lisa.aiken) UK tiktok influencer


7) Susanna Lau (@susiebubble) 

Susanna Lau and her blog SusieBubble was one of the first breakout fashion bloggers, and now uses social media to promote her brand to her 501K followers. Lau also writes about fashion for the Guardian, and regularly attends fashion weeks to share the latest trends to her followership and her own personal street style. 

Susanna Lau (@susiebubble) UK tiktok influencer


8) Tamara Kalinic (@tamara) 

Having been named one of TIMES top influencers of 2019 and Elle Style Awards’ influencers of the Year, Kalinic is based in London and regularly posts fashion content that shares different brand sponsorships and her own personal style. Her content usually features luxury brands like Fendi or Chanel, and helpful styling tips. 

Tamara Kalinic (@tamara) UK tiktok influencer


9) Grace Ladoja (@graceladoja)

Also known as Skepta’s manager, Ladoja uses her Instagram platforms to post her cool personal style and fashion tips. She was also awarded an MBE for her services in music. She has 51.8K followers on Instagram and also founded her own culture studio and music management company called Metallic London. 

Grace Ladoja (@graceladoja)UK tiktok influencer


Who are the top Instagram fashion influencers? 

Instagram is saturated with fashion influencers, so it can be tricky to find the top Instagram fashion influencers to follow. Some of the top Instagram fashion influencers in the UK are Zoe Sugg, Lucy Williams, Sherlina Nym, and Elias Riadi. 

What does an Instagram fashion influencer do? 

Instagram fashion influencers are best known for posting photos on Instagram that primarily focus on fashion content. For example, fashion influencers are known for collaborating with fashion brands to promote brand awareness and increase product sales. Fashion influencers also post outfit inspiration, as well as their own outfits that express their individuality. 

How do I  find fashion influencers on Instagram? 

There are several ays to find fashion influencers on Instagram. One of the best ways to find fashion influencers is to search hashtags that are relevant to the fashion niche. For example, #outfitoftheday and #fashionblogger are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram that will lead you to a huge variety of fashion influencers. 

Who is the biggest fashion influencer? 

Due to the fact that Instagram is filled with fashion influencers, it is hard to determine who is the biggest fashion influencer on the platform. Some of the most followed Instagram fashion influencers in the UK include Zoe Sugg and Sherlina Nym.

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