Top Food Influencers to Collaborate With on Instagram

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Instagram is the ideal social media platform for food bloggers to showcase a variety of cuisines from around the world to their loyal followers of food fanatics. Food influencers on Instagram have been popular on the site for quite some time, given that they inspire their followers to try new foods and visit exciting restaurants. The top food bloggers have such a huge impact on their followers that they often contribute to the success of many small food businesses. For example, many Instagram influencers have helped certain foods and businesses to become so popular that there are hour-long queues outside the shops. Thanks to the top food influencers on Instagram, Little Moons mochi ice cream is practically sold out in every Tesco store. 

Food blogging is a huge trend, which means that Instagram is filled with food influencers with top-tier palates. From fine dining to street food, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We have created a list of the top food influencers on Instagram who are ideal to collaborate with.

Top 4 food influencers on Instagram

1. Chrissy Teigen


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A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Instagram followers: 34.6M

Chrissy Teigen is not only a celebrity, but she is also one of the best food influencers on Instagram. The model and TV host has released her own best-selling cookbooks, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat and Cravings: Hungry for More. Her recipes focus on creating fusion foods with the perfect balance of flavour and spice. Her most popular recipes such as Spicy Miso Pasta and Banana Bundt Bread are enjoyed by foodies around the world.  

Chrissy’s Instagram content has a strong focus on her family life. She also regularly posts Instagram Stories of her recipes as well as aesthetic posts of some of her everyday recipes. Chrissy also has a separate Instagram account that is dedicated to her food recipes from her cookbooks. Her content on this account includes a number of detailed Instagram Reels which include the ingredients and instructions needed for creating Chrissy’s recipes.

2. Jessica Hirsch


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A post shared by Jessica Hirsch (@cheatdayeats)

Instagram followers: 479K 

Jessica Hirsch is a food blogger on Instagram who is best known for posting about cheat day foods to the platform. Her Instagram page is packed with colourful and creative savoury foods and sweet treats such as taco ice cream. 

Jessica’s Instagram Highlights titled ‘recipes’ is perfect if you are in need of some cooking inspiration. Her recipes range from mac and cheese to brownies, and they also include detailed cooking instructions and the ingredients needed for each dish.

3. Anna Lindberg


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A post shared by Anna Lindberg | FOOD | FUN (@memysmoothiesandlife)

Instagram followers: 86.1K 

Anna Lindberg is arguably one of the best food influencers on Instagram. Her content solely focuses on her recipes for smoothies and ice cream, which give her followers a variety of colorful and refreshing treats to try. Anna is an expert in making smoothie bowls, which are all topped off with yummy toppings such as exotic fruits, seeds and nuts. 

Anna’s Instagram account is also filled with easy-to-follow tutorials of her most popular recipes. She even includes detailed captions listing the ingredients used in her videos. Each tutorial is short and sweet (pun intended!)

4. Fiona Lee

Instagram followers: 22.8K


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A post shared by Fiona | nyc food & cocktails (@fionaeats365)

Fiona Lee is a foodie based in New York City. She enjoys visiting a variety of restaurants and posting their food to her Instagram account. Fiona is one of the top food influencers whose content is focused on eating out, which makes her ideal for brands to collaborate with. 

Fiona’s Instagram content is heavily focused on Asian cuisine, with food and drink ranging from bubble tea, ramen and dim sum. She has also started to post Instagram Reels which shows Fiona’s own recipes for different dishes.

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