Top Famous Female YouTubers to Follow

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As the largest video-streaming platform in the world, YouTube is filled with a range of content creators who are known for producing innovative videos. YouTube influencers and celebrity influencers dominate the platform, with the majority earning millions of subscribers. When it comes to YouTube influencers, the most famous content creators always seem to be male. However, women are taking up more space on YouTube, and have become household names on the site. The most famous female YouTubers amass a strong community of subscribers that appreciates their authenticity and originality. 

Due to the fact that YouTube is saturated with influencers, we have curated a list of the most popular female YouTubers to follow.

5 famous female YouTubers

1. Safiya Nygaard

YouTube subscribers: 9.14M 

Safiya Nygaard is one of the most popular female YouTubers. From food to fashion, most of Safiya’s videos explore a variety of niche categories. Safiya is best known for venturing outside of her comfort zone by taking part in different social media trends. For example, one of her most-viewed videos centres on Safiya wearing Fashion Nova outfits for a week. 

Safiya’s original and informative content shows off her quirky personality. She also posts videos of her personal life, where she has uploaded a range of videos in the lead-up to her wedding. Her wedding video alone has earned her over 15 million views.

2. Liza Koshy

YouTube subscribers: 17.7M 

Liza Koshy is an internet sensation who rose to fame on the video-sharing platform, Vine. After showcasing her energetic and goofy personality to the world, Liza has found success as a famous female YouTuber. Her content consists of a variety of topics ranging from comedy, TV presenting and food. 

Liza has also landed many TV presenting gigs, most notably hosting the live preshow at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards as well as conducting celebrity interviews for Vogue at the 2018 and 2019 Met Galas. She has also ventured into acting, appearing in ‘Freakish.’

3. Emma Chamberlain

YouTube subscribers: 10.1M 

Emma Chamberlain is arguably one of the most famous female YouTubers. At just 19 years old, Emma has a loyal fan base on social media. Forming The Sister Squad with other notorious internet personalities, James Charles and the Dolan Twins, she is one of the most recognised female YouTubers in the world. Dubbed as ‘the funniest person on YouTube’ by The New York Times, she won the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator in 2018. 

Emma’s YouTube content ranges from fashion to comedy and lifestyle vlogs, making her one of the most famous female vloggers. Emma has also collaborated with luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and has appeared on the magazine covers of Cosmopolitan and Allure.

4. Zoe Sugg

YouTube subscribers: 11M

Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella is British YouTube personality. She is known for her fashion related content which often includes clothing and beauty hauls. Since her YouTube debut in 2009, Zoella has become one of the most recognised famous female YouTubers in the world. 

Zoe is also one of the most famous female vloggers, as she has a separate YouTube channel that is dedicated entirely to vlogs. Her content on this channel centres on her daily life. She also participates in YouTube traditions such as Vlogmas, which is when YouTubers post one video every day in December until Christmas Day.

5. Nikita Dragun

YouTube subscribers: 3.69M 

Nikita Dragun is a famous female YouTuber who is best known for her over-the-top makeup and fashion looks. Her YouTube content has a strong focus on the release of her 2019 makeup line, Dragun Beauty. She also features a number of social media influencers in her videos, such as the Lopez Brothers. 

Nikita’s content also focuses on her journey as a transgender woman, where she speaks out about the discrimination that many transgender people face in society.

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