Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook Marketing For Business

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Facebook is the social media platform with the most users across the globe. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, it is safe to say that Facebook is an effective marketing tool for brands everywhere. Therefore, many businesses and Facebook influencers take to the platform in a bid to increase their followings as well as their engagement rates. Although Facebook is renowned for connecting family and friends, it is also a significant place for businesses to market themselves. However, understanding how Facebook functions is the key to Facebook marketing. 

We have given you a complete guide to understanding how an effective Facebook marketing strategy constitutes higher engagement rates and increased brand awareness for your business. 

10 ways to use Facebook marketing for business 

1. Promote your Facebook Business Page 

One of the key benefits of Facebook marketing is that your Facebook Business Page is a simple yet effective way to market your business. Just like any Facebook Page, your Business Page builds a profile of information surrounding your brand. All types of information about your products, services or other aspects of your business are easily accessible to your followers via your Page. Facebook users are able to like and follow your Page, which gives them automatic updates of your Page to their own newsfeed. If you are active on other social channels, there is no harm in promoting your Facebook on these platforms in order to raise awareness of your presence on Facebook. 

2. Have a clear goal and strategy

Thinking about the goals for your business will help you to understand your vision for your Facebook marketing strategy. You must think about what you want to achieve as a business so that you can make a start on creating the best Facebook marketing strategy for you. Some goals that are central to your marketing campaign include increasing your brand awareness, selling your product and engaging with your target audience.

3. Make the most of Facebook Groups 

Facebook Groups are utilised by most businesses on the platform, seeing as they create a community of people with shared interests which helps brands to gain exposure. As a business, you can either join a Facebook Group or create your own group that is relevant to your niche. Much like discussion forums, Facebook Groups allow businesses to initiate conversations with their audience and listen to their honest opinions about their products or services. 

4. Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is one of the main benefits of Facebook marketing. Opting to use paid Facebook ads as part of your marketing strategy is guaranteed to boost the visibility of your content. Not only do Facebook ads promote brand awareness, but they also drive traffic to your Facebook Page and external websites through clickable links. 

5. Observe competitor pages 

Analysing your competitors’ pages on Facebook can magnify your Facebook marketing strategy. Observing these pages can help you to better understand your own business. For example, by evaluating your rivals’ Facebook profiles, you are able to determine the strategies that work for them, which can help you to make better decisions for your business. It is even worth checking out Facebook influencer’s profiles for inspiration on how to organise your company page.

6. Create a content schedule

Consistency is central to Facebook marketing. Ideally, you should upload content to Facebook once a day or five times per week. Posting content on a regular basis means that your audience is always kept up to speed with any new updates within your company. It is crucial that you are aware of the times when your target audience is most active, so that your posts can receive more engagement.

7. Create a human voice for your business 

The rise and impact of Facebook marketing has led to brands connecting with their followers on a personal level. The people behind your Facebook profile must use their voice in a way that is relatable and likeable in order to captivate your audience. By connecting with your followers on a human level, you are guaranteed to come across as trustworthy to your audience.  You can even use humour and wit to express your brand’s voice to your audience. For example, using memes and GIFs in your content will heighten the character of your business. 

8. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook can provide you with endless ways to find out more about your customers. Analytics pages like Facebook Insights gathers data about how your followers interact with your content. This will ultimately help you to improve your engagement rates and conversion rates over time.

9. Use Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is a downloadable app that is used by Facebook members to privately message each other. However, it is also a powerful marketing tool. Facebook Messenger is even considered a better alternative to email marketing. This is because audiences are given access to important alerts to subscribed events, as well as quickly and efficiently receiving new information about brands. 

10. Regularly use photos and videos 

Photos and videos are commonly used by the majority of Facebook users, so your audience will expect you to actively post pictures and videos that are relevant to your business. Using photos and videos is also an easy way to reach wider audiences. For example, promoting discounts and giveaways via pictures and videos makes it more likely for Facebook users to follow your page. 

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