Top 10 Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business

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Instagram is a major social media platform that has over 1 billion monthly active users. The site is recognised for its primary feature of sharing images and videos, so it is no wonder that so many businesses decide to join the platform. The most successful brands are experts in creating captivating Instagram post ideas which drive engagement and promote brand awareness. However, it can be difficult to come up with new and original Instagram content ideas for your business, given that the platform is saturated with Instagram influencers and famous brands that amass huge followings. 

We have created a list of the best Instagram post ideas that will help you to reach wider audiences and grow your business. 

The best Instagram post ideas for business

1. Create puzzles or quizzes for your audience

Whilst sharing visually pleasing and creative Instagram posts are great ways to increase engagement with your content and increase your following, you can always go one step further. Coming up with puzzles or quizzes for your Stories that are relevant to your brand is a great way to encourage your target audience to take a break from their everyday lives and reflect on your brand. Puzzles and quizzes are also ideal ways to give your followers a deeper insight into your business.

2.  Ask your followers a question 

One of the best Instagram post ideas is to pose a question to your followers. Social media users appreciate it when brands are genuinely interested in their customers, so it is advisable to initiate conversations with your audience. For example, asking a question to your followers through polls on Instagram Stories is a great opportunity to get your audience to share their thoughts and opinions on your brand. It can even help you to get a better understanding of how to improve your content for the future. 

3. Share user-generated content 

Posting user-generated content is another great Instagram post idea, seeing as you can promote your business without being too direct. Sometimes an aggressive approach to raising awareness of your brand can put off your customers. You can interact with Instagram posts or stories of positive customer reviews which is sure to get people talking about your brand. This is a great way to let your followers form their own opinions of your business based on honest customer experiences.

4. Share the negatives and the positives

Another Instagram post idea is to show your followers an honest and vulnerable side to your brand. The more you open up about your journey as a business, the more people will relate to your brand. It might seem tempting to always post the positives surrounding your business such as reaching huge milestones and releasing new products, but the best way to connect with your audience is to also show them the struggles that you encounter along the way. Your audience will appreciate your transparency, which will allow your followers to connect with your brand. 

5. Post a Tutorial Video

One way to create engaging Instagram posts is to create tutorial videos or how-to videos demonstrating your product or service. Whether you specialise in hair, beauty, cooking, or fitness, any niche category can benefit from tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are simple yet effective as they are filled with key information about a topic within a small time frame. For example, cooking tutorials typically include short captions which instruct users on how to cook a certain dish. These videos also include a caption which lists the ingredients needed to complete a recipe.

6. Share snippets of behind the scenes 

You should consider sharing behind-the-scenes footage with your audience in order to share more information about your products or services. It is advisable to post short videos of behind-the-scenes footage to generate a buzz around your products. For example, a small business that makes and sells candles can demonstrate to their followers the process of making a candle. These types of videos can help you to receive constructive feedback from your followers as well as other brands within your niche.

7. Post influencers using your products 

Influencer marketing is in high demand, so it is worth reaching out to an influencer who has a genuine interest in your brand. Collaborating with an Instagram influencer is guaranteed to expose your brand to wider audiences. Influencers are considered to be trustworthy and genuine among their fan bases, so getting an influencer onboard with your brand will significantly increase your conversion rates. 

8. Start a live broadcast 

Live videos are a great way for your brand to gain exposure on Instagram. Live videos also give your customers early access to new information about your products and services, which demonstrates that you prioritise your audience. Instagram even notifies your followers when you are going live, which helps to increase the visibility of your content. Live videos can also help you to connect with your audience seeing as the videos are in real time. It can make those who don’t tune in to your live videos feel as though they are missing out on something big.

9. Create Q&A posts 

One of the best Instagram post ideas is to give your followers the opportunity to find out more about your business through Q&A content. Whether it’s in the form of live videos or an Instagram post, Q&A videos can help you to connect with your audience. By posting this type of content to Instagram, you are demonstrating that you are open to the opinions and enquiries of your customers. Many Instagram influencers and brands also post Q&A content in a bid to help their audience’s learn more about their brand identity.

10. Host giveaways and contests

Utilising giveaways and contests is another great Instagram post idea that drives engagement. You can create an Instagram Story that announces winners of giveaways, or you can even go live on Instagram to shell light on new contests and giveaways which is guaranteed to generate a buzz around your brand.

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