How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

January 31st, 2022 by

It is predicted TikTok’s presence in influencer marketing is due to increase even further in 2022. With over a billion worldwide users, the app reflects the growing trend for creative and fast-paced marketing, allowing brands to reach new audiences with bitesize content. Due to the growing significance of TikTok in marketing, the importance of creating a TikTok marketing strategy cannot be underestimated. 

TikTok marketing has many benefits; it can help a band increase brand awareness, advertise to targeted audiences, build communities, sell products or services, provide customer service, and receive feedback from their audiences. To capitalise on the benefits TikTok has to offer and to successfully market on the platform, you will need a TikTok marketing strategy. In this blog, we have broken down TikTok marketing and explain how your brand can create a successful TikTok marketing strategy in 2022. 

The first step to creating a successful TikTok marketing strategy is familiarising yourself with the platform. TikTok is completely unique, so understanding it is a vital first step. TikTok trends play an important role, so you need to be on top of hashtag challenges and trends. 

Secondly, finding your target audience on TikTok is key for the success of your TikTok marketing strategy. TikTok was first popularised by Gen Z, however the audience range on the platform is expanding. Identify those on the app who may be interested in your brand, and discover what’s popular within that audience to help you create TikTok video ideas. 

Thirdly, it’s important to look at what your competitors are doing on TikTok—if they aren’t on TikTok yet, this is an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Research into what similar brands are doing on the app and what has been successful for them. This will give you some insight into what may work and won’t may not work in your TikTok content strategy. 

Once you have completed the first three steps of creating a successful TikTok marketing strategy, you need to set your objectives. Depending on your goal, the three major types of TikTok content strategy can be employed. 

TikTok influencer marketing has been a proven success if your goals are to increase brand awareness, advertise to targeted audiences and sell products or services. Influencer marketing is a major TikTok trend, seen by some of the largest users on the app, such as Charlie D’Amelio, Addison Rae and Zach King. The influencer does not need to be a mega-star for the campaign to be successful; finding influencers in your brand’s niche that will reach your target audience can work just as well. Influencer marketing on TikTok can humanise your brand with creators who know the platform best. 

Creating a TikTok page for your brand and posting your own organic TikToks can also be incorporated into your brand’s TikTok marketing strategy if your goals are to build your brand’s community and increase awareness. Creating an account for your business and making organic content will allow you to showcase your brand’s creativity while creating exposure for your product or service. It is important to post regularly using a content calendar to ensure maximum engagement with your content. 

Finally, TikTok advertising is a great way to showcase a brand, product or service with many brands finding success from this TikTok marketing strategy, such as Maybelline and Aerie. There are a variety of ads which can be run on TikTok, such as TopView ads, In Feed ads, Brand takeovers, Branded hashtag challenges, and Branded effects. It is important to keep your ads aligned to the platform, as well as keeping in mind your audience’s interests. 

 All three major marketing TikTok trends can be incorporated into your brands TikTok marketing strategy 2022. The success of each strategy can be tracked using TikTok analytics to see if you are reaching your goals. You can track your videos views, followers and profile views on your content dashboard, providing you a picture of what is working well for your brand. 

Finally, it is important to experiment and have fun on TikTok. It is unpredictable what will go viral so leave space for your brand to experiment and be creative. It is a process of trial and error to find out what works best for your brand. However, finding the right TikTok marketing strategy can be a powerful tool for your brand. 

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