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Meta’s latest creation has entered the chat. 

Touted as the ‘Twitter Killer’, Threads has amassed an impressive 114 million sign ups since its launch on the 5th July. Among the masses are hoards of creators looking to Threads in anticipation, wondering if this just might be the platform to accelerate their growth. 

Threads is a text-based community platform. Unsurprisingly, words matter there. The creators putting their literary skills to the test and carefully crafting meaningful Threads appear to be those succeeding. What Threads doesn’t seem to be, however, is a platform with a preference for images or videos, but this hasn’t steered the visual content creators away. Threads offers them a chance to strip it all back and engage with their audience through mindful words rather than letting their images/videos do the talking. 

With social media being an ever-evolving space, an app like Threads prompts creators from all backgrounds to work with the changes rather than pigeon hole themselves while their audiences go out and explore what’s new. We’re not saying short-form video, or visual content in general, is no longer trending, but we are acknowledging that trends are shifting; with a new emphasis on community and connection.

This article will explore the ways in which all types of creators—from video content all the way to education—can use a text-based app like Threads, to succeed.

Log on, listen, learn

Threads is still in its early stages right now, and there’s not much more creators can do other than log on, listen, and learn. Strategising on Threads is borderline pointless because the app is yet to introduce a feature that allows Threads creators to be discovered, and review their metrics/analytics. 

What Threads creators do see, however, is an algorithm-curated feed which serves a balance between post ranking and content discovery. The app’s recommendations of unfamiliar posts puts creators in good stead for appearing on the feeds of new audiences without having to over-analyse a way of getting there. 

But appearing on a new user’s feed is just the start. From here, a Threads creator’s content has to be entertaining enough to tempt users to engage, or even give a cheeky follow. 

So what type of content garners the most engagement, and how can Threads creators use it to accelerate their growth on the platform?

What’s thriving on Threads?

The Threads creators thriving are those taking a more observational and laid back approach to both the content being published and its frequency, particularly while the platform is in its infancy and bringing a rush of curiosity and excitement. 

Natasha Pierre of @shinewithnatasha stresses the importance of not posting just for the sake of it. Instead, she encourages creators to explore the platform to see where they can have meaningful conversations or slot themselves into other people’s Threads. After all, you have to show up if you want to be involved.

Industry leaders have suggested that the platform is similar to a group chat. And just like any group chat, humour, light-heartedness, and general tomfoolery are ever-present, as this is the preferred approach for many to explore connections and important conversations. The Threads creators taking advantage of this are those who are gaining more engagement, and thriving on the growing platform. 

For example, apparel brand GAP has read the room right by adopting a humorous approach to its Threads debut.

Threads creator: GAP posts

Just like on any other platform, authenticity is paramount on Threads. The key is just to be present and be you. This will automatically generate more authentic content than what will come out of that which is strategically published. There is no point in blindly diving into specific content creation for an unfamiliar environment; especially while analytics are still inaccessible.

Authenticity also comes in the form of contributing to Threads of interest to you and which you know will serve your community. Sharing your thoughts and opinions on certain subjects allows your community and potential new followers to get to know you below surface level, and, if they like what they see, will naturally increase overall engagement and followers.

Is Threads worth getting on as a creator?

Forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but it is just simply too early to answer this question. 

As younger generations seem to prefer video-based platforms right now, it’s easy to see the launch of Threads as Meta’s temporary rival to Twitter. However, if things continue at the pace at which they began, Threads could make room for some exciting, innovative additions to the future of social media. 

Fashion, lifestyle and comedy creator, Haley Kalil, was one of the first to join the platform. In a conversation with Forbes, she nodded to the fact that she had noticed a considerable drop in engagement numbers on Instagram due to her followers making the move over to Threads (or at least spending a considerable amount of their screen time on there). For the creators with no plans to make the move, they must be prepared to see Threads take a significant portion of time away from Instagram users (for the time being, at least). 

Our suggestion? Signing up to the platform and getting started at the very least can do no harm. It will at least give you a seat at the table and allow you to sit back and quietly observe as things unravel.

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