The Video Game Influencers Changing Gaming Culture One Title At A Time

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As video game influencers have grown in prominence in the gaming space, gaming companies have worked with these influencers to promote their latest games.

The impact of having a new released game endorsed by influencers who are a pillar of the gaming community and trusted for their opinions cannot be understated. In fact 61% of consumers in the gaming sphere say they trust influencer recommendations showing how influencers have transformed video game marketing.

With the rise of freemium models in the games industry, this allowed a wider access to video games and therefore recommendations of YouTube gaming influencers and popular influencers on other social media platforms would lead directly to more downloads for a game as there are less barriers to entry.

If you need a list of the video game influencers that have changed gaming culture then you are in the right place!

Top 20 video game influencers who changed the game

Pewdiepie – 111 Million Subscribers

Pewdiepie was one of the first gaming YouTubers to popularise commentary videos, where he would play trending games and add commentary on top of it. He started to make reaction and other comedic videos that didn’t involve gaming, and has even made several music videos with hundreds of millions of views.

KSI – 16.2 Million Subscribers 

KSI originally rose to fame playing FIFA – the popular football game. Since then he has translated that fame into a successful music and boxing career – changing the perception of gaming YouTubers.

Pokimane – 9.3 Million Followers

Pokimane is a Twitch streamer who rose to fame playing League of Legends and has since become the most prominent female figure on the platform, now playing a variety of different games.

Valkyrae – 3.9 Million Subscribers

Valkyrae is a popular YouTuber who originally rose to fame on Twitch as a streamer and has since pioneered the gaming space – even becoming a co-owner of popular esports organisation 100 Thieves.

TobyGames – 6.2 Million Subscribers

TobyGames also known as Tobuscus is a popular YouTuber pioneered the Let’s Play format for gaming videos and became one of the most recognisable faces in gaming on YouTube.

JackSepticEye – 30 Million Subscribers

JackSepticEye is a popular gaming YouTuber who is popular for playing a variety of games, raising large amounts of money for charity and interviewing popular celebrities.

TheSyndicateProject – 9.7 Million Subscribers

TheSyndicateProject was a YouTuber who rose to fame in the early years of YouTube with his Call of Duty gameplay and converted this into a large following on the platform Twitch as well.

Ninja – 18.5 Million Followers

Ninja is a popular streamer who rose to fame on Twitch playing Fortnite often in collaboration with other streamers or celebrities like Drake.

SmoshGames – 7.4 Million Subscribers

SmoshGames was originally established as an extra channel for Smosh, the popular YouTube duo who rose to fame with in real life comedic skits. SmoshGames allowed them to showcase themselves playing trending games.

Nadeshot – 3.22 Million Subscribers

Nadeshot is a former professional Call of Duty player, streamer and YouTuber who pioneered merchandise for esports and gaming organisations through his own organisation 100 Thieves.

Ali-A – 18.7 Million Subscribers

Ali-A is a popular YouTube gaming influencer who rose to fame playing Call of Duty and established himself as one of the most iconic faces of the battle royale game Fortnite.

iHasCupquake – 7 Million Subscribers

iHasCupquake is a popular Minecraft YouTuber who has established herself as one of the most recognisable names on the popular title. She also creates content around the Sims, Slime Rancher 2 and other popular games.

TheRadBrad – 13.3 Million Subscribers

TheRadBrad is one of the most successful single player game walkthrough channels dedicating his YouTube account almost solely to this genre and showcasing the latest and coolest games to his huge fanbase.

Wroetoshaw – 16.3 Million Subscribers

Wroetoshaw is a popular YouTube gaming influencer who rose to fame making comedic videos around the game FIFA and has since transitioned into in real life content and skits often involving his friends and family.

Ludwig – 5.1 Million Subscribers

Ludwig is a popular YouTuber and former Twitch streamer famous for playing a variety of games and making reaction videos.

IShowSpeed – 17.8 Million Subscribers

IShowSpeed is a popular gaming YouTuber famous for playing a variety of different games as well as creating in-real-life and reaction content based mainly around football.

SeaNanners – 5.4 Million Subscribers

SeaNanners is a Call of Duty Youtuber who was one of the first on the platform to establish himself with a large audience due to his comedic tone and entertaining gameplay.

DanTDM – 27 Million Subscribers

DanTDM is a Minecraft YouTuber who became one of the most recognisable faces in gaming, creating comedic content around the popular game.

VanossGaming – 25.8 Million Subscribers

VanossGaming is a YouTuber who rose to fame making comedic videos around a variety of different popular titles often including his friends in these videos.

The Game Theorists – 17.5 Million Subscribers

The Game Theorists make theory videos based on popular video games, using storytelling to increase their audience.

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