The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing on Twitch

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Twitch was founded in 2011 and has become the world’s largest live streaming platform. The platform’s initial focus was to create a space where gaming fans could share their love of games by live streaming their plays, but it has since developed to include live streams for other industries including beauty, music, cooking and fashion.

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The diversity of stream content is only set to increase in the future, and brands (gaming and non-gaming) have begun to take notice of the influential opportunities the platform has. The variety of content available means you will likely find a Twitch influencer suited to your brand.

How Twitch Works

In order to create an accurate Twitch influencer marketing strategy, you must first understand the different ways streamers use the platform. Twitch is a highly engaged community of users. You have streamers who share content, and viewers who consume content. 

Twitch has two main methods of content distribution: Live-streaming and Pulse. With live streams, Twitch notifies subscribers when a streamer has begun a live stream, and viewers can choose to join. Within the live stream, there is a chat box where viewers can chat back and forth with the streamer and other viewers and engage in the content the streamer is sharing.

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Pulse is similar to Facebook’s News Feed; it is where streamers and users share updates for their content. It is not the main focus of the platform, but it provides a place for streamers to share additional content to their subscribers. In addition to this, it is an extra place where brands can work with Twitch influencers in creative ways.

Twitch’s Demographic

There are more than 140 million monthly unique viewers on Twitch, and 3 million creators stream content each month. They are leaders of the video game streaming market, holding a 72% market share.  Twitch does primarily cater to the gaming community, so the majority of its audience are within the gaming audience. However, 80% of Twitch users are open to the idea of a brand sponsoring Twitch influencers.

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing on Twitch

The largest benefit of using influencer marketing on Twitch is that you are able to reach a highly engaged audience. On Twitch, users are able to interact with their favourite streamers in real time—something they struggle doing on other social media platforms with other social media influencers. The increase in engagement comes from the gratification viewers have from receiving instant feedback from streamers and vice versa. Influencer marketing promotions are able to get real-time feedback from potential customers, and streamers can answer questions instantly within a live stream. 

Another benefit is within the live chat box. Influencers and brands can share affiliate links to specific products or storefronts. Viewers are able to click these links to purchase a product directly, and they are able to provide instant feedback from the purchase. This helps build a stronger relationship between viewer and streamer.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing on Twitch

There are lots of niche and hard-to-reach audiences on Twitch. You can tailor your brand’s promotions to reach those difficult audiences through influencer marketing or programming bots to play ads for your product.

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