The Top Male Influencers Cooking Up a Storm in the Kitchen

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Today we unveil the male influencers in the food game who will whet your appetite and keep you hungry for more!

That’s right; we said that, and it’s true! 

In recent years, the food industry has undergone a remarkable transformation on Instagram, with the platform becoming a hub for restaurants, chefs, and food enthusiasts to showcase their culinary creations and build a passionate community around all things food. This notion is tastefully evident when discovering that Instagram is voted the number 1 social media platform to build and foster brands, with the average brand (business account) growing its following by 0.98% each month.

We see that sizable brands are also taking note of the fiery flavour and scope that food influencers garner, with examples like FMCG brand ALDI activating a social first campaign called Food for Thought, seeing two male influencers come together to create each other meals while having topical and important discussions with this year’s activation having @mistahislah & @salihacooks talk about Ramadan while intertwining a constant love in all our lives – you guessed it – FOOD! Aldi shows its care and cultural appreciation to its target audience while also advertising its varied food range in a creative and engaging way.

Now, we present to you the unrivalled champions of the foodie universe – a mouth-watering roster of male Instagram influencers who are turning up the heat on the competition and establishing their delectable delights like a flambé masterpiece on Instagram.

Introducing our flaming 15 male food Influencers

Gordon Ramsay

Who’s the chief to fix your kitchen nightmare? The one, the only Gordon Ramsey – male influencer and chef extraordinaire who has taken the culinary world by storm with a sizzling 14.3 million subscribers. Known for his no-nonsense attitude and vocabulary to make the sternest of men blush, Ramsey shows renowned expertise in a broad range of food, from Michelin-starred delicacies to down-to-earth comfort food. His achievements are tenfold, amassing a total of 17 Michelin stars and partaking in a multitude of business ventures and brand collaborations, from TV hits like Hell’s Kitchen to partnerships with online learning tool, Masterclass. and even his very own game seeing players don the cape so to speak and run their own restaurant.

Jamie Oliver

Who is more appropriate to give 2nd place to on our male influencers list than Gordon’s arch-enemy, the naked chef, Jamie Oliver, with a not-so-naked following of 9.5M followers. With a pinch of charm, a dash of humour, and a lot of culinary expertise, Jamie will have you drooling over his creations. But that’s not all; Oliver is a true advocate for food education and healthy eating, grilling about the importance of healthy eating and its power to unite people. His accolades speak for himself with many brand collaborations from Tefal with their cookware and Sainsbury’s with his healthy living range and family favourites.

David Chang

Pick up your chef hats and be inspired because one of the coolest male influencers, David Chang, is next on our list. With a tasteful 1.8 million followers on Instagram, this gastronomic guru is here to open a new lease of life on what it means to be a food influencer and chef. If it’s not for his rebellious and fearless attitude to push the culinary arts with his innovative fusion dishes, it’s Chang’s innate ability to conjure a story from captivating captions, and bts glimpses to fascinating collaborations with icons like Lil Nas X and Buzz feed that will keep you double tapping for more. You know what? Just pause reading and see for yourself!


Get ready to run up some healthy and mouth watering creations with Fit Me Cook, the fitness, health, and wellness chef extraordinaire here to work out your tastebuds. Garnering over 1.6 million followers, fit me cook is here to stay, being a fit choice for your health and culinary needs, so say goodbye to bland chicken breasts and silly salads and hello to many vibrant and flavourful dishes.


Get ready to raise your glass and sip on some liquid magic with the one and only SimplyNi_, the award-winning mixologist who mixes food, drinks, etiquette and class into his content. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, SimplyNi_ is the ultimate cocktail connoisseur who personally invites you into his virtual cocktail bar brimming with must-have classics like an old-fashioned to his signature creations. SimpleyNi’s accolades are noticed not only by the content created but also by his brand collaborations, being an ambassador for the renowned coffee brewer Nespresso.


It’s time to venture through the plant-powered world of Gazoakley, the charismatic vegan food male influencer hailing all the way from Wales with 634k followers. With a passion for outdoor cooking and a green thumb that would make Mother Nature proud, Gazoakley will take you on a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant flavours of homegrown ingredients curating some exciting recipes from plant-based Swedish meatballs to rhubarb ketchup that will make even the most eager meat eater salivate.


For number 7 on our male influencers list, we have another foodie who will nourish your body and soul, Jeffreyboadi, the vegan food influencer on a mission to transform your kitchen into a garden of plant-based goodness! With 118k followers, Jeffreyboadi shows you that healthy eating can be just as tasty as beneficial. Jeffreyboadi’s passion for healthy plant-based cooking knows no bounds; from his mouth watering oatmeal creations to his aromatic lentil curries, he’s the best at turning simple ingredients into culinary experiences!


Ciao! Introducing Gino d’Campo, the charismatic food influencer and Italian chef extraordinaire here to transport you to the heart of la dolce vita! With a staggering 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Gino d’Campo is the ultimate kitchen companion for all your Italian culinary adventures. You may have seen him on This Morning, where he often passionately protects his Italian roots and authentic recipes with no leaf or ingredient going unnoticed. Overall, Gino is talented, authentic, funny and passionate, being a one-stop shop and one of the must-have male influencers on your roster.


Chefchrischo is one of our personal favourite male influencers, with his content bringing together the best of Korean flavours and the charm of Philly, where Cho was born and raised. This Korean-American food influencer and chef extraordinaire is here to tantalise your taste buds and make you fall head over heels for his unique fusion of classy and authentic Korean cuisine. In 2018, Cho took his culinary journey to the next level by opening his restaurant in Center City, Philadelphia, so the next time you’re in Philly, you know where to go!


Craving a stunning steak for dinner and don’t know where to go about sourcing a recipe? Well, look no further than allthingsmeaty, whose content is all things yummy with 32k followers on Instagram. From juicy steaks that will have you weak at the knees to tender ribs that fall off the bone, allthingsmeaty knows precisely how to elevate your carnivorous cravings to a whole new level.


Next on our male influencers list, we have baker extraordinaire whose content will whisk you away, theboywhobakes. With a title as the first official British Bake Off winner and a reputation as a best-selling author, this talented baker and food influencer is the sweetest treat you’ll find on the internet, and his followers agree with a strong and delicious audience base of 417k.


If you don’t know him for his food, then you will know him for his incredible memes that seem to never lose relevance, Ainsley Harriott. With his infectious energy, charismatic personality, and a sprinkle of Caribbean charm, will have you exploring the world of vibrant flavours and mouth watering dishes. From his iconic TV shows to his insightful and fun cookbooks, Harriott has become a household name for food lovers worldwide and has created a repeatable following on Instagram with 106k followers.


Are you a big foodie? Of course you are. And so is Tommy Wrinkler, master food taster with over 320k followers on Instagram. Join Thomas as he takes you on a journey filled with delicious discoveries, interactive challenges, and much tasteful fun. From street food gems to hidden culinary treasures, Thomas’s taste buds are always ready for an adventure, and his content will also take us on one!


We just freak out for thefoodfreaks content and tasteful cooking style. This particular Italian, American chef and must-follow male influencer is here to deliver the best of Italian and gastro-American cooking. He often compares himself to the “modern grandma cook”, and this is evident from his mouth watering pasta dishes that would make Nonna proud.


To wrap up this delicious male influencers list, we have Johngs, the British food influencer whose niche is mesmerising middle eastern cuisine.  Maybe he’s introducing you to a mirage of exotic flavours, aromatic spices, vibrant herbs, and mouthwatering combinations or better yet; he is redefining the meaning of middle eastern cuisine. From fragrant tagines that transport you to the bustling markets of Marrakech to sizzling Shawrawmas that will awaken your love for Lebanon.  He has over 603k followers on Instagram and is a key player for you to look out for in the food market.

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