The Power of Community and Raising Awareness on TikTok

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TikTok has been in the firing line for some time now amidst concerns regarding the access of sensitive user data by the Chinese owners, ByteDance. With the user data in question concerning government officials, several countries, including Australia, Britain and France, have placed a TikTok ban on official devices. 

In response, the US proposed an even more extreme step; a nationwide ban. Should it be discovered that sensitive data has been shared with an associate of the Chinese government, Biden will have the motion to impose sanctions against the platform and its parent company. For a more in-depth look into the story currently gripping the world, read and follow our blog here.

Also, TikTok has been historically known for rapidly spreading misinformation, and is fast becoming the go-to platform helping social media naysayers prove their point. 

However, there are always two sides to every story. 

Despite the negativity, it is important to note that TikTok plays host to a multitude of communities and subcultures. Its centrality has led to new consumer habits, new online languages and a new way to communicate and engage. 

On top of this, TikTok’s limitless algorithm, combined with its 30 million daily active users, makes it an ideal news source and educational tool for those looking to raise awareness, and has also become a central hub for bringing people together.

The power of community

We are genetically wired for interaction. The digitisation of the world now pushes these interactions into the online realm. 

There is truly no better feeling than being able to engage with others who share the same passion for your hobbies/interests and TikTok has fast become a great way to exercise this. The platform not only serves audiences content they love, but also facilitates the discovery of new brands, interests and communities. 

Refreshingly, we’ve begun to see the unapologetic emergence of communities that are otherwise overlooked and underrepresented. 

Deaf, blind, disabled and neurodivergent communities have come together on the platform in their thousands. These communities use TikTok as a central hub for raising awareness for their conditions and sharing information to those external to their communities, as well as connecting with others within the community, creating a sense of belonging. This brings comfort to platform users who realise that there are people out there just like them, and to other community members. 

Raising awareness 

TikTok’s algorithm is capable of putting videos in front of millions of people on any given day. This includes videos raising awareness for major social, political and geographical issues and their causes. Their educational and informative nature means we can be sure to see the uprising of a very clued-up next generation. 

These mass algorithm pushes are resulting in people holding many of their favourite creators and influencers accountable when it comes to spreading important information. Whether performative or not, the information is still passed on to countless other phone screens. This is what matters. 

Younger audiences are more impressionable than others and therefore the most likely to continue the cycle of awareness. They like to copy the actions of their favourite influencers and while oftentimes this means copying a simple makeup look or life hack, it refers to activism too. 

The impact of communities on brands

TikTok’s ease of use makes it an ideal place for communities and subcultures to come together to talk about shared hobbies, interests and topics of importance. Similarly, minority groups gather here to collectively discuss and celebrate their culture. 

Tapping into these communities is crucial for brands. The power of community shouldn’t be underestimated. Brand success is often owed to its loyal following and by engaging with and creating for certain communities, subcultures and minority groups, results are awarded tenfold. 

A brand’s loyalty to a particular community, subculture or minority group presents a win-win situation. While the brand hits their KPIs, the audience in question feels seen, heard and advocated for. 

It is important to note that brand advocacy is not just a box-ticking task. Brands should remain mindful of the communities they are creating for and ensure both parties’ values and image is in alignment. Genuineness and authenticity is key to community engagement and a long-lasting relationship. 

The key pillars when it comes to supporting diversity on TikTok are representation, education, community and influence. Implementing each of these aspects into content creation is a great way for brands to exercise community engagement without appearing performative. 

For example, fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger places these four fundamentals at the forefront of any published content regarding its Adaptive clothing line.


Tommy Adaptive allows people with all abilities to get ready with ease and stay stylish! 💙 #tommypartner #tommyadaptive #tommyhilfiger @tommyhilfiger

♬ In the Bosom – Sweet After Tears

Designed and made specifically for members of the disabled community – less able-bodied members to be exact – this clothing line promotes accessible fashion with an emphasis on ease of use. Tommy Hilfiger puts representation at the forefront of its promotional activities by ensuring that disabled creators are those leading them.

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