The New “New Year, New Me” Campaigns

February 2nd, 2022 by

“New year, new me.”

We’ve probably all uttered those four words at one point. January isn’t only a new year, but a time where people all over the world attempt new resolutions to become completely new people, with new routines and new health habits—it’s out with the old and in with the new. 

However, given the state the world has been in for the past two years, we’ve seen a shift away from people looking to become new and perfect. While people still want to focus on bettering themselves, there’s significantly less pressure to do so. We’ve all had a tough couple of years, so the thought of setting strict rules to live by is less than appealing. 

Brands have taken note of this mindset shift, and their new year campaigns this year were more lighthearted than previous years. We’ve rounded up our favourites. 

Apple: Close Your Rings

In a bid to get people active, Apple created the #CloseYourRings TikTok Hashtag Challenge. Using TopView and In-Feed ads, alongside influencer marketing, Apple encouraged users to take part in fun activities to close their Apple Watch rings. 

@apple #duet this and try to keep up with the Apple Fitness+ trainers. #CloseYourRings ♬ We’re Just Getting Started – Spencer Ludwig

@apple #duet with @apple and try to keep up with the Apple Fitness+ trainers in the #CloseYourRings ♬ We’re Just Getting Started – Spencer Ludwig

Making use of the Duet TikTok feature, Apple created an original dance workout video to copy, and then enlisted trainers to Duet the workout. The campaign resulted in user-generated content of others duetting the video, and the hashtag has amassed over 15.1 billion views.

Hello Fresh: Kickstart 2022

Box delivery service Hello Fresh used TopView and In-Feed ads to get people kick starting their 2022 with health meals. With videos showing how easy it is to make healthy, delicious meals with their meal kits, Hello Fresh supported the videos with a discount code. 

@hellofreshukKickstart 2022 with HelloFresh using the code: HFTIK50♬ Promoted Music

@hellofreshukKickstart 2022 with HelloFresh using the code: HFTIK50♬ Promoted Music

Although the comments were turned off the ads, the videos received thousands of likes. The videos were not shared to Hello Fresh UK’s TikTok account. 

The Gym Group: #WeAreTheGymGroup

To encourage people to get active and join a gym, the Gym Group created an influencer campaign on TikTok. Using creators, the Gym Group created fun, skit-style videos about getting back in the gym. 

@thegymgroupUp To 50% Off Your First Month! ##WeAreTheGymGroup♬ Promoted Music

@monicageldart AD The girl at The Gym Group that is constantly going at 100mph #WeAreTheGymGroup @thegymgroup ♬ Downtown v1-JP – D Sirrom / David Morris

The Gym Group used gym beginners as well as regular goers to appeal to a wider audience. The accompanying hashtag #WeAreTheGymGroup has amassed over 24.7 million views.

Corona: Sunshine, Anytime

To kick off the new year, Corona announced a brand new, alcohol free beer. What’s different, you ask? It’s infused with Vitamin D. With the tagline “sunshine, anytime” the campaign video played into memorable summer moments. 

The campaign offers a sense of escapism in the post-holiday period, and maintains Corona’s brand heritage of relaxing in warm weather. The video uses the popular stop-animation or photo slideshow aesthetic—something that has grown in popularity thanks to TikTok trends. 

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