The Multi-Platform Approach For Fashion Brands

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Every brand must start its social media journey somewhere – and your own brand might see sense in starting with what is statistically the most popular social media platform. However, in practice,staying with just one social media site might not prove the shrewdest decision for your brand.

This is because research has shown that not only is the average social media user active on multiple platforms, but a brand can also thrive with a multi-platform approach – as several fashion brands have done.

The Case For Extending Your Reach On Social Media

On which social networks are your target customers currently active? The answer might not be straightforward to pin down. According to research cited by Social Media Examiner, the average social media user has at least two accounts – and some users experiment with various a range of platforms.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t deem a given customer’s choice of ‘favourite’ platform to be entirely set in stone. After all, a customer’s needs – and thus, their preferred social network – can change. Here at Socially Powerful, we conducted a studyanalysing the social media strategy of  leading fashion brands active on various platforms.

The Socially Powerful Index

From mid-January 2018 until mid-April 2018, we monitored how nine fashion brands fared in social performance. These brands were ASOS, Boohoo, Forever 21, H&M, Missguided, New Look, PrettyLittleThing, River Island and Topshop.

Our research saw us collect quantitative and qualitative data which fed into the Socially Powerful Index, a direct indicator of a brand’s success in combining social media and influencer marketing in comparison to other market players. Measures in the index included brands’ engagement, popularity and the size and growth of their audiences on social media.

Decisive Results Across Social Media

In the research, Instagram particularly shone as an important tool for fashion brands – perhaps unsurprisingly, given the platform’s primarily visual focus. However, all the studied brands drew upon a multi-platform approach, giving them the ability to leverage varying merits of the platforms.

PrettyLittleThing, Missguided, Boohoo and ASOS were not shy about tapping into the Snapchat-like Instagram Stories feature, which allows brands to share short, light-hearted content.  Plus, many fashion brands have tapped into the unique customer service capabilities of Twitter, using the platform to engage and interact with their customers – developing on brand content and tone of voice along the way.

Over on Facebook,  the fan growth of ASOS during the Socially Powerful Index study period was about as strong on this platform as it was on Instagram – even if the latter remains responsible for 95% of ASOS engagement. With its hashtag promotion #AsSeenOnMe, which invited customers to share images of themselves wearing ASOS attire, the brand attracted more than 150,000 new Facebook followers.

Each social media platform comes with its own functionality, and River Island particularly effectively capitalised on this by setting up a Live Facebook quiz. This quiz was viewed an impressive 208,000 times, but would this have worked as well on another platform?

Contacting our social media marketing agency could help you to find out the right strategies for your own brand’s presence on key platforms. We can bring you in touch with influencers to help spark the success of your next social media campaign.

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