The Importance of Content and Social Management for Gaming Brands

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The gaming industry is the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. While the gaming audience is large, new games and accessory brands are created regularly meaning the market is oversaturated. Brands have to battle for market share and dominance in order to stay relevant to consumers.

The gaming audience is spread across most social media platforms, but is predominantly on streaming and video platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and TikTok. Having a community spread out over multiple social platforms can make managing content and social engagement tricky. However, consistent and engaging content is necessary to stay at the forefront of consumers’s minds.

Content and Social Management for Gaming Brands

In order to distinguish themselves from competition, gaming brands need to appear as a trusted and reliable voice within the gaming community. To do this, brands should create regular and entertaining content to educate and engage their desired audiences. Gaming brands need to incorporate a variety of innovative content that both educates customers on the USPs of their game or accessories and positions their brand as an exciting leader within the gaming community. Gaming accessory brands should try and appeal to both gamers and technology enthusiasts.

To encourage social media users to be part of a brand’s community, brands should ensure they are using user generated content. UGC has proven to be a great way to drive engagement on social channels. It not only makes the customer feel appreciated and important, but encourages others to create their own content in hopes of being reposted and recognised by the brand. This makes the brand a key talking point amongst tech and gaming communities. UGC should be considered when creating key content pillars and incorporated whenever possible.

In addition to this, gaming brands should consider running competitions to win access to limited edition skins, early release products or event tickets. Running competitions and giveaways increases the reach of a brand through its followers rather than using influencers. Using products or elements that are exclusive increases the desire to win the competition or giveaway, and appeals to both gaming and tech fans. Brands can monitor the engagement and effectiveness of which competitions and giveaways work best to know which types of products or content should be offered as prizes in the future. 

As with any industry, influencers can be used to create a tight-knit community and encourage new consumers to join. To consistently engage target audiences, gaming brands should create interactive content with influencers to build a vibrant community. By using key gaming influencers, brands immediately amplify brand awareness and positions themselves as a poignant brand within the gaming community. Influencers can directly interact with customers and share tips, discuss trends and events and help people meet others with similar interests.

Before using influencers, gaming brands need to know where their target audience is most active and where their content would be most appreciated. Understanding this will help gaming brands create an efficient and effective social strategy—there is no point spending time and resources developing content for a platform that isn’t relevant to your audience. 

Since influencers have influence across different platforms, gaming brands can use them to create a seamless cross-platform promotion. This makes the partnership seem more natural as it is not platform-biased. Having influencer partnerships means they represent and support your brand. Having an influencer endorse a brand can be the deciding factor that turns a lead into a sale.

Something that has become popular within the gaming community is giving a brand a face. This face can be someone who works in the social media or marketing team and this allows social media users to relate more to a brand. Consumers feel like they are talking to a person with values and insights rather than a brand. This can make managing a social community easier as consumers will feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with a real person rather than a brand name. In addition, it allows the brand to create more and diversified content.

The Takeouts

The gaming market is oversaturated, meaning gaming brands need to do the most in order to stand out from the crowd. Gaming brands should ensure they have consistent and innovative content pillars that target their audiences across all platforms. This consistency will remind social media users that their brand is relevant and an industry leader. 

Having content across various platforms means a brand has different communities to manage. A way to help keep communities engaged and active is through the use of influencers. Influencers can speak on behalf of a brand and inform their followers about trending topics and any upcoming events or products. This keeps the community informed and interested while also furthering the reach of a brand. Another method of community and content management is to put a face to a brand. This allows consumers to converse directly with a brand in a more natural setting, making it easier to receive honest feedback. 

Gaming brands must manage their social communities and content in order to keep up with consumer demands and industry trends. Without this management, brands will become irrelevant and uninteresting to consumers as they won’t be engaged or educated by content produced.

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