The Importance of Community Management

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Community management is essential to any campaign and it is also what sets brands apart from each other. Whilst many brands put great content at the forefront of their marketing campaigns, the most skilled brands recognise that community management is just as important as producing quality content. 

In today’s society, social media is a place that connects businesses and audiences from all over the world. However, it is ironic that some brands are disconnected from their consumers, failing to build an online community which allows their customers to fall in love with their brand as well as their products or services. 

Community management creates a network of businesses and consumers alike who have shared interests. It is a way for brands to showcase that they deeply care for and about their customers. 

What is Community Management?

Community management marketing is what occurs after social media publishing. Customer service, listening to and engaging in online conversations, as well as being active in discussions that are important to your brand are the importance of community management. It also encourages brands to connect with their customers on a level that exceeds professionalism — they interact on a human level. Community managers are crucial to building a bridge between a brand and their audience, acknowledging that building relationships is key to a successful business. 

We have created a guide to show you how to create effective social media community management services.

A Complete Guide to Community Management Strategy

Exceptional customer service 

Adopting a hands-on approach to your customers will not only make them feel valued but will significantly increase your reputation and your product sales. 

It is natural for brands to receive customer complaints, so you must know how to adequately deal with these complaints. Customer dissatisfaction is available online for anyone to see, therefore, you must not ignore any complaint that you receive on social media. Avoiding dealing with customer complaints can tarnish your brand and cause the public to perceive your business in a negative way. You must respond to complaints in a patient and understanding manner, ensuring that your response is always public. However, if the complaint is personal, you should then prompt the customer to message you privately. Whether it’s through email or private messaging on social media, you must show the customer that you are empathetic to their needs. 

Customer service is not just about promoting good quality products, but it is also about how much you show your consumers that they are valued. A simple like of a comment from a happy customer simply won’t do. Instead, you should engage in one-to-one conversations with customers who show interest in and are pleased with your products. For example, offering product discounts and free samples are great ways to keep your consumers coming back for more. 

Actively engage online 

The role of social media and community managers is not only to monitor social channels, but it is to start and maintain conversations relating to their brand. When interacting with your social media followers, make sure that you are creative and innovative with your responses. A witty reply or a funny meme may create brand exposure in a way that you never anticipated. Many top brands utilise social media community management in a way that appeals to their audiences’ personal tastes, knowing exactly how to use language and tone for their social media posts to go viral. Maintaining your brand’s voice is essential to pleasing regular customers as well as your new customers, so you must know how to approach your target audience. 

Being proactive doesn’t just mean frequently posting on social media, it requires you to think outside of the box to make your brand stand out. You can create contests, challenges, polls and even Q&A sessions on social media in order to get more audience members talking about your brand and your services.

Moderate your content 

Ensuring that your online profiles are presentable and easy to navigate is necessary for social media community management. You must monitor your social media accounts to make sure that they best represent your brand. You should consider regularly checking the comments section so that you can hide or remove offensive comments as well as spam. Your followers are highly influenced by what they see on your profile, so you must guarantee that your social media accounts look neat and professional.

Creating a community

You must remember that social media community management contains a number of elements that go beyond this guide. Community management will make your brand appear likeable and knowledgeable, which will illustrate you as a reputable business.

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