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Influencer marketing hasn’t taken over the beauty sector – it has also reshaped and redefined it. As recent research indicates that the typical beauty customer’s yearning for trustworthiness and credibility is not adequately satisfied by traditional forms of beauty marketing such as magazine adverts and TV commercials featuring smiling celebrities, so beauty influencer marketing has continued to gain momentum.

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Once upon a time, many of us may have picked up tips on makeup, skincare, nail and hair products mainly from watching Hollywood stars talking on the red carpet about what they used, or flicking through magazines and observing which celebrities were endorsing which brands. 


Is your brand ahead of the game, or playing catch-up? 

Of course, some beauty industry players were foresighted enough to realise many years ago that beauty consumers were becoming less inclined to place their faith in company advertisements and celebrities, and instead turning to more ‘relatable’ and ‘authentic’ sources. 

This shift represented an opportunity for newer brands, many of which were more attuned to the sensibilities of younger beauty consumers – in part because they were helmed by such younger beauty consumers – to steal a march on legacy brands. 

Today, many of those legacy brands are ploughing staggering sums into influencer marketing services, trying to establish partnerships with the same credible influencers that may have already been working with the more innovative ‘disrupter’ brands much earlier in the game. 

What gives influencer marketing such clout for beauty aficionados? 

It is not a recent development for customers from across the sectors to place a lot of trust in third-party reviews when assessing the merits of particular products, and to approach advertising directly from companies with scepticism. 

The ongoing development of beauty influencer marketing is in many ways a natural furtherance of this tendency. Customers appreciate the immediate and ‘down-to-earth’ communication medium that social media represents, and for this reason, aren’t necessarily always drawn to the influencers that have the largest followings. 

What are micro influencers? Well, they are considered the lesser-known influencers, they are often more likely to interact with individual followers and to respond to their questions and comments on posts. 

Even many of the best makeup influencers, however, can often lend a more convincing veil of authenticity to their presentation of beauty products than the brands themselves can, not least because they tend to be far from mere advertisers of makeup. 

Beauty influencers frequently give their followers glimpses of their wider lives, including their favourite fashions, the places they travel, their dietary and lifestyle choices, and so much more that helps followers to identify with and bond with them. 

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This is about Beauty Influencer Marketing


Savvy beauty influencer marketing in the 2020s isn’t simply about attempting to get your brand’s beauty products into the hands of the most successful influencers. Indeed, many influencers are so impactful in part because they are unafraid to turn down approaches from brands that are not well aligned with their values and those of their followers. 

It all comes back to the issues of how authentic and relatable the most effective influencers are, as well as the ever-greater importance of embracing values of diversity and inclusion. 

As influencer marketing continues to transform beauty, so Generation Z – the cohort of customers born from around 1995 – is continuing to reshape influencer marketing. 

Consumers of this generation are resistant to buying a product if they feel they are being ‘sold to’ – whether by a brand or an influencer – and are therefore often attracted to influencers that they feel are genuinely using their platforms for good. 

That should tell you something about how beauty influencer marketing is likely to take new forms in the years ahead to maintain its relevance and usefulness for audiences. When you work with Socially Powerful, you can be surer of tapping into these possibilities for your own brand. 

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